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Maximum Containment Area

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Containment Area

And another level we have to solve as Kurtis. Run along the passage to the end and open the door there.

On the right is a water pool. Do not jump in! On the right side is a drainpipe attached. Shimmy along this to the other side. But hurry, Kurtis does not have enough strength. Collect the ammo. Then shimmy back to the other side.

Keep running. Ignore the control room on the left for the time being, we will need another numeric code for the console first. The next door opens. Cross the passage and open the next door.

Key Code

On the left side is an empty cell. If you follow the passage you will come to a locked gate and another cell, which is empty, on the left. If you enter this you will attract two more creatures, so avoid this cell. Run to the right instead. Examine the second door on the left more closely. With his abilities Kurtis can find out the numeric code 17068. With this run back to the control room with the glass windows. Enter the control room by stepping through the door on the right. Enter the code at the console. This will unlock the two doors at the left wall.

Low Access Card

Open the right of the two doors, the one where you found the code. In the chamber is a dead guard. Collect his Sanitarium Low Access Card as well as the ammo. On the desk you can find some chocolate. Kill the creature that enters. Behind the left of the two doors is only a dead creature.

Guard in the Shaft and Monster in Lab

Run over to the left gate and open it with the card. Step through. In the chamber on the right you can find some ammo in the bag on the bed. Then run to the left, down the passage and through the huge double door. Open it. Ahead is a guard in the ventilation shaft. Ignore him for the time being, we will leave him for the Proto. Go to the right instead. In the laboratory there you will meet the Proto. If you open the door, the Proto comes towards you, but then runs past and into the ventilation shaft with the guard. One opponent less to worry about. Behind you two creatures appear in the laboratory. Take care of them, then exit again. It might be necessary to kill a third creature as well. Now run to the ventilation shaft, with the dead guard .

Here can you shortcut. Instead of crawling into the shaft you can run to the right. Then you have to continue at monster attack.


Crawl into the shaft where the guard was. If you continue to follow to the passage, you will come to stairs. The way up is blocked. Run down. Follow the passage to the end where you will find a door which you have to open. The next door is already open. It leads into an enormous pit with sidewalks at the edge. Run along to the right, where you will find a ladder. Climb up to the top. There you will come to a walkway that leads to the cage where the Proto was held. Climb onto the roof of the cage. From here you can take a standing jump to the broken walkway on the right. Run along. On your way you have to jump over a gap. At the end you'll come to the entrance of a ventilation shaft. So this is where the Proto got out.

Ventilation shafts

Pull yourself in and crawl along. At the end you have to climb down twice and then down into the next shaft. There you have to crawl to the right. At the next bend you have to crawl to the left, then again to the right. Nice net of ventilation shafts. The Proto can get everywhere. Then you have to crawl to the left again and at the end down into a chamber.

Medium Access Card

Here you have to climb up the ladder. As you can see the Proto has been here already. There are two dead guards, who left a Medium Access Card. You can also collect a chocolate bar here. Use the switch at the wall to open the exit door. Step through the door to return to the passage where you have been earlier on. Here you have to turn to the left.

Monster Attack

At the end of the passage is a gate that you can open with the Low Access Card. (I have been asking myself why we had to collect a Medium Access Card. Probably this was an error and we were supposed to use this here.) Run down the stairs. The monster is now behind you. Kurtis locks the gate, but the monster come in behind you through the ventilation duct. Now you have to take care of the monster. After some hits the Proto flees. However it will return shortly afterwards. This gives you barely enough time to collect the ammo and the large medipack in this chamber, but this might become neccessary since Kurtis does not have Lara's arsenal. If it returns you have to shoot it again till it falls. It will recover soon, then shoot it again till it flees once more. Again it will return. Again shoot it till it falls, then flees. If it appears for the fourth time, continue shooting even when it rises. Kurtis will then take out the crystal shard and kill the Proto. If you haven't done that yet, collect the Ammo and the large medipack. Then run to the wall and use the large lever, in order to turn on the power again.

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