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Comments on the game

There are people who love the game and have nearly no problems at all, and there are people who hate it and encounter bugs around every corner. That's the way it is with The Angel of Darkness.

User comments I've received:

"love it, it's the best tomb raider ever! though the only complaint i have is the analog control is still horrible, and that's the only way you can control lara." (Xmoet)

I hate the analog control, but I like the stealth-mode. (Marie-Louise)

Amazing. Simply amazing. Lara has gone from Tomb Raiding to running from the cops. Street smarts is key in this game. The only problem I have is that Lara can no longer do hand stands and swan dives. Other than that, top notch! (Brent)

The wait is over, and boy, was it NOT worth it! I've been a fan of the TR series from day one, and I can honestly say this is one of the worst video games I've ever played. It gets a perfect 10 for quality of graphics, but everything else has problems. Many of Lara's abilities listed in the manual aren't there in the game. Camera system is clunky, especially in an enclosed hallway when someone is shooting her (plus I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally looked at the inside of her eyeballs because the camera roams inside her body sometimes). The analog controls suck. She can't be in stealth mode when her gun is drawn. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of problems. I've never seen a platform game with this many bugs in it. I would rather have waited another year for them to release a decent game than to have ever set eyes on this stinker. Someone at Core Design should be fired! (Bob)

I'm one of the "lucky" ones to have pre-ordered AOD and got it friday the 20th. To start, I must let you know that I've been playing the previous five games on an iMac so I've had no concept of the PS or PS2 controls to this point. I heard the new game was probably going to be too much for my now very outdated computer so I bought a PS2 at the end of last year. Months have gone by , with NO Tomb Raider, so I've been playing alot of REALLY cool games like Splinter Cell, the 007's, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and most importantly Primal. Primal is a game that I almost wish Core would have copied in alot of ways. For one thing there was all this hype on how much detail there was going to be in AOD but it turns out games like Primal have far better graphics and playability. Just a small example is when you pan the camera around on the main character (Jen), she blinks her eyes and after a few moments actually starts looking at you . Lara still looks "dead" in some ways. When you get the game and look in the booklet it says you can go into Options and choose from 3 different controller set ups and turn the vibration on and off. THIS DOES NOT EXIST on the actual game!?!?! This is correct, they had to change it but the Manual was already printed. more Now there is always the chance that I've got such a new copy that it shipped before any corrections, but I doubt it. I'm sure I'll probably enjoy the game once I adapt to the missing things, but that's just it, there are missing things.
a day later:
I must say though, I've been playing around with the game and after getting used to the "PS2 way" of game play and adapting to the things I can't change, it's really pretty cool. After the first few levels the scenery starts looking great and the things you have to start doing and exploring are really interesting. I think the only thing that is going to stay with me; as far as disappointment, is the way this game was so poorly released. It may leave these guys embarrassed to the "core". (Bryan; USA)

Hmmm....I had really high hopes for this game. Ingenerak, story-wise, it's exceptional. The controls are identical to all of the previous games, though. On the PC, I also noticed some graphical issues, for instance, the shotgun was invisible. Despite lack of polish, I really am enjoying this game. (Tom)

I must say I was very happy with the game so far been playing 2 days and almost done. A good hint I found out by playing is if you want to get lots of cash witch comes in handy since you will need to buy stuff is at Café Metro LVL across the street from Janice and also up the stairs in the small park are places to find cash each time after you go in a building or up and down the stairs you can go back to these spots and keep picking up cash. Also keep checking any boxes you have to push or pull as some of them will give more than one power up grade. (Lorilee)

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Comments in the Forum

Another idea would be posting your comments in the forum.

Read chanele22's comment about the game.

Here is what I've picked up in some of the Forums:

- game tends to freeze during movements
- controls are hard to get used to for some, especially the use of the analog sticks
- if Lara looks towards you, you have to press down, to run forwards from her point of view
- to get power-ups (for your upper body strenght; grab bar) you have to get past certain spots in the level, not like assumed work out.
- on the PS2 Jump and Roll have been swapped, it was the other way around in prev. games
- Lara climbs onto things automatically

The Controller Configuration Issue

After I answered Bryan's email - saying that I have heard they had to change it last minute and the manual was already printed - he contacted Eidos to ask about the controller problems.

I got a hold of a guy at Eidos tech. support and the story goes as follows: Core was having compatibility problems with the controller options and vibration function so instead of delaying the game for two more weeks (my first thought was "what's the big deal, it's already been six months!") they released it. You were correct about the booklet also. Turns out they where already printed and for some tongue and cheek reason they packaged and shipped this thing! Who knows, I might have a collector's item. (Bryan, USA)

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