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The Angel of Darkness Cheats


While in game press *start* to enter the menu.

Now press and hold *l1* *r2* *triangle* *down* together.

Release them and quickly press (ultra fast!!!) *circle* *up* *square* *triangle* *right* *down*

Skip level and level select options will now appear when the game is paused.
These cheats work on both NTSC and PAL (also with the Platinum Edition). If they didn't work, you were probably too slow during the last part. Use the directional pad, not the analog sticks!!!


Either open Command Prompt (shell) and enter:
choose the Game's path, and add the command "selectlevel" e.g. "c:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\bin\traod.exe" -selectlevel
(if you have chosen another folder for the game you have to alter path accordingly)

- or download the Angel Of Darkness Configuration Utility from

The Level Codes

Paris1: Parisian Backstreets (First Level)
Paris1A: Derelict Apartment Block
Paris1B: Margot Carvier's Apartment
Paris1C: Industrial Roof Tops
Paris2_1: Parisian Ghetto (Where Lara wakes up in the Subway Car)
Paris2_2: Parisian Ghetto (Path to the left, with Place D'Arcade and Cafe Metro)
Paris2_3: Parisian Ghetto (Where the entrance to St. Aicard's Church is)
Paris2B: The Serpent Rouge (the Garage entrance)
Paris2C: Rennes' Pawnshop
Paris2D: Willowtree Herbalist
Paris2E: St. Aicard's Church
Paris2F: Cafe Metro
Paris2G: St. Aicard's Graveyard
Paris2H: Bouchard's Hideout (the Graveyard entrance, not the Ghetto sewers)

Paris3: Louvre Storm Drains
Paris4: Louvre Galleries
Paris4A: Galleries Under Siege (After aquiring the painting)
Paris5: Tomb of Ancients
Paris5A: The Archaeological Dig
Paris6: Von Croy's Apartment (Includes the opening video when selected)

Prague1: The Monstrum Crimescene (This starts outside the building)
Prague2: The Strahov Fortress
Prague3: The Bio-Research Facility
Prague3A: Aquatic Research Area
Prague4: The Sanitarium
Prague4A: Maximum Containment Area
Prague5: The Vault of Trophies (Warning: this starts under water!)
Prague5A: Boaz Returns (starts with Boaz at second stage--flying Boaz)
Prague6: Eckhardt's Lab
Prague6A: The Lost Domain

Paris5_1: Hall of Seasons (the main hall)
Paris5_2: Neptune's Hall
Paris5_3: Wrath of the Beast
Paris5_4: The Sanctuary of Flame
Paris5_5: The: Breath of Hades

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