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The Angel of Darkness Characters

Careful, the brown text might contain spoilers for those who haven't played/finished the game.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft has changed since Egypt, where she had a near death experince. She seems tougher, darker and less tolerant. Lara has withdrawn from contact with anyone from her previous life. No one can get through to her. Not even Werner von Croy. She seems very hostile towards him. She also refuses to confirm or deny rumors about time spent among obscure North African tribes. Whatever happened after Egypt has caused her to become almost a recluse. The dark memories that haunt her remain locked inside. And no one risks getting close enough to ask.

In the game: You will be playing Lara throughout most of the game, with the exception of three levels (Sanitarium, Maximum Containment Area and Boaz returns) where you will be playing Kurtis.

Kurtis Trent

Kurtis is an ex-Legionnaire and also an experienced warrior with limited occult abilities. He was raised as an initiate in an ancient order called the Lux Veritati. Kurtis took on his father's role after the Alchemist hunted down and killed the last of the Order. Kurtis is the only one who is left of the Lux Veritati, and is now on a quest for revenge against those that wiped out the Order and killed his father.

In the game: Your first contact with Kurtis in the game will be in the Cafe Metro, where he is sitting at a table in a corner. He wont speak to you. Your next encounter will be in front of the Serpent Rouge, he is fleeing with his bike. Then you will see him again after the explosion in the Pawn Shop. He is sitting on a jetty, smoking a cigarette. Again you won't be able talk to him. Then you will meet him in the Louvre where he steals Lara's weapons and then both flee. Lara is captured by Bouchard's guard and Kurtis disappears. The next meeting with Kurtis will be in the Strahov in Prague. He will complain that Lara has made a mess and that he has to correct her mistake to turn off the power. You will then be playing Kurtis in two levels. After that Lara and he go seperate ways in an attempt to stop Eckhardt. Coming from the Vault of Trophies you will find that Eckhardt has captured Kurtis. You will both be thrown into a pit with a spider creature. Kurtis helps Lara to flee and then you have to fight against the spider creature as Kurtis.

Werner Von Croy

We all know Werner von Croy from Tomb Raider The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider Chronicles. He has Lara's Mentor, when she was 16. Their first adventure got Werner the Iris, which Lara stole from him later on. They weren't on good terms either when Lara released Seth and Werner got obsessed by him during their Egypt Adventure. But after that von Croy searched for Lara in Egypt till he finally found her backpack. Lara is very angry that he didn't do more to rescue her right away. Now Eckhardt has hired Von Croy to retrive the Obscura Paintings for him. But before Werner can fulfill his assignment, he is murdered and Lara is charged.

In the game: Since Werner got killed you won't be meeting him in the game. You will however learn more about the incident that caused the police to believe that Lara killed him. Throughout the game you will visit his appartment in Paris and find his walking cane.

Pieter Van Eckhardt

Eckhard is a genius from the 14th century, he is also known as the "black alchemist". The Lux Veritati - Kurtis' Order - held him prisoner for over 500 years. 1945 he manged to escape. Since then he has been trying to resurrect an ancient race, the Nephilim. Eckhard is searching for the five Obscura Paintings, he will need for his undertaking. He has hired Werner von Croy to get these paintings for him.

Louis Bouchard

Bouchard is aczar of the Parisian Underworld and owner of "Le Serpent Rouge" (The Red Serpent), a nightclub in a seedy back street quarter of Paris. He has a reputation for ruthless and opportunistic violence on a large scale. Bouchard runs illicit operations throughout the capital.

Margot Carvier

Madame Carvier is a historian and academic at the Dept. of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. She has been involved in recent archaeological digs beneath the Louvre. She is also a friend and colleague of Werner Von Croy.

Daniel Rennes

Rennes is an active part of the Paris underground, and a close friend of Louis Bouchard. As a master forger, printer, and archivist, Rennes specializes in the provision of illegal documentation and currency, using a back street pawnbroker shop as a front. He is known to be insanely paranoid about conspiracy theories, so his shop is one big booby trap.

Marten Gunderson

A veteran of countless conflicts world-wide Gunderson runs The Agency. The Agency is a thinly disguised mercenary recruitment service providing specialized forces for anything from basic security to invasions.

Luther Rouzig

Luther Rouzig is Librarian Honrarium at the Prague City Archives. Acknowledged world authority on dead languages and texts. Keeper of the Strahov archives.

Kristina Boaz

Kristina Boaz comes from Argentina. She is a medical expert of the Cabal. She lives in Prague and works at the Corrective and Remedial Surgery at the Strahov Psychiatric Institute in Pragu. In 1987 she survived a terrible plane crash, today she is still wearing the marks of this incident.

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