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Margot Carvier's Apartment

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 2.0)

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Lara uses Margot Carvier's door bell. Carvier lets her in since Werner has told her about Lara. In the next part you have to talk to Carvier to learn a bit more.

You have to use the arrow buttons (not just in the PC Version but in the PS2 Version as well, instead of the left Analog Stick) to pick the sentence and confirm it by using "action"

Here is the dialogue, pick the green sentences to make the most out of the conversation, black are neutral sentences, but avoid the red ones, they might make Carvier angry or suspicious about you:

    • Yes, and I don't have time to waste. I'm being chased all over Paris.
    • Can I get you anything?

    • Who was the commission from?
    • Package?

    • Were you able to help him?
    • Obscura Paintings?

    • Werner didn't scare easily.
    • I wonder why exactly.
    • Can we move this along a bit?

    • There was gunfire. That's all I can recall.
    • We argued, I can remember that. And - gunfire!

    • If I'd wanted to kill Werner I could have done that in Egypt.
    • Mademoiselle, I was a good friend of Werner's. I didn't kill him. I didn't!

    • Then I suggest you give it to me, now.
    • I really am going to need Werner's notebook.
Depending on the outcome of the conversation you will either get the diary or you have to collect it yourself.

In Carvier's Apartment

Madame Carvier tells Lara, that she should go, before the police arrives. That means we have to hurry. Take a look around. On the little table by the window, left before you enter the kitchen, you can find a Diamond Ring. Then enter the kitchen. In the first drawer on the right you can find Werners diary unless Carvier gave it to you. On the left you can pick up a vintage Cognac by the sink. In the desk drawer in the living room you can pick up Health Pills. You should hurry up now and flee through the main door opposite the kitchen before the police gets you.

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