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Cafe Metro (Pierre)

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 2.0)

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Place D'Arcade

In the ghetto run to the left side to reach the Place D'Arcade. In front of the Cafe Metro a Motorbike is parked. There is nothing more to do so enter the Cafe.

In the Cafe

Well, if this isn't Kurtis sitting around in the corner on the right. He is not very talkative, reading his newspaper. The toilet is locked, damn it, can't a girl go to the loo after such a hard night? Ok, so there is not much to do here either, besides talking to Pierre. Walk up to the counter and start a conversation. If Pierre doesn't want to talk to you, you have not spoken to one of the persons before. It suffices, if you speak to Janice, the girl standing next to the Serpent Rouge.

Conversation With Pierre

Pierre tells you that everybody wants information from him today. Wasn't it like 6 o'clock in the morning? Oh, well. Here are your choices in the dialogue:
    • No, I don't but I do deal with problems. Sort them out.
    • How would you know?

It doesn't matter which question you ask him, the outcome is the same. He will tell you that he has left something in the Serpent Rouge which he wants to get back. He tells Lara that the thing he is looking for is very small and hidden in a broken spotlight. He will give Lara a key for the Serpent Rouge backstage entrance. If she gets him his (? old liar, Bernard will tell you the same story) property he will help her finding Bouchard. Step back outside to return to the ghetto.

You can now have a look around at the Park but you won't be able to make a deal with Bernard anymore.

Rue Dominique

Run down the Rue Dominique which will lead you right back to the park. On the left you will first come to a numberpad (since you have decided to follow the Cafe Metro walkthrough this will be of interest to you soon) and then the guy guarding the door.


When you haven't been there yet, you can also visit the Herbalist right next to the park. He will tell you that you need money and a password if you want to get past Bouchard's guys. This will be of interest to you, when you picked the Park Mission, Pierre is not that greedy.


Time to enter the park. Here you will meet Bernard but he wont talk to you. Down the stairs you will find a locked gate behind which you can spot a lot of goodies. But now back onto the road.

Rue de Clef

Run down to the road where the Serpent Rouge is, the "Cours La Seigne". Here you can see Kurtis who is in a hurry to leave the scene with his motorbike. Go around the Serpent Rouge. With the key Pierre has given you, you can open the door with the sign "Stage Entrance" in the "Rue de Clef". Through the manhole you can reach a part of the Bouchard Level but you will need a Powerup from the Serpent Rouge to solve all riddles there.

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