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Boaz Returns

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Eckhardt pushes Kurtis down into the pit where Lara is. He will then release Boaz who has become a spider creature. But before that he will sacrifice his scientist Müller, the guy from the Bio Research Facility. Kurtis helps Lara out of the pit and tells her to go. He gives her his Crystal Shard.

Fighting Boaz

And again you have to control Kurtis. I hope you have some Health Items left?! Boaz will come running towards you. Stop her by shooting at her.

You have to place approx. 4 hits at her head.

Shooting at her will provoke her to spit green sticky stuff.

Move or you will be glued to the floor and that's deadly.

Let's assume you have just shot her in the head. Then take one or two sideflips to get out of the way and approach Boaz from the side.

Look at Boaz and where the green stuff is coming from. There are four flaps, two on each side. If you shoot them they will be destroyed. You have to destroy all four. If you stand on Boaz' side Kurtis will aim at the first of two flaps automatically. To aim at the flap at the back you have to press the Roll Button (PC: End, PS2: Square) once.

Other Important Hints:
Save after every destroyed flap; into a different slot.
If you've run out of ammo - but only then - you can find some more in the room.

You can find more helpful tips in the forum (link can be found above)

A Savegame for you if you cannot make it: PC (2 Saves; see below) or MAC

Fighting Boaz Part 2

Now you have to fight a mosquito Boaz. She is not that lethal but collecting ammo will get harder. I hope you still have some health packs left. Boaz will try to sting you and that will rob you of a lot of energy. Keep her away from you by shooting her. Aim at the head if possible. This will take a few hits but when it's done you can take a deep breath.

Here's another Savegame from the End: PC (2 Saves, same package as above) or MAC


That was hard work but now Boaz is on the ground. But she can sting Kurtis and he will fall to the ground.

There have been some speculations about Kurtis' future. I'd say, for now: Watch the end video first, before speculating! Just two more Levels to go.

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