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Wrath of the Beast (Spring)

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Collapsing Floor

Run through the door which opens automatically. You will come to a chamber with a large statue. This will collapse and so will the floor. Carefully walk down the stairs. If your game crashes after the video, you can download my save, linked above. Careful the brown part ahead will collapse and you wont be able to stand on it for long.

First climb down to the right where you can find Health Bandages.

To overcome the next part you can pick one of three paths.

1st Path:

Climb up to the right. Turn left and take a running jump towards the platform at the wall. You can also traverse at the ledge at the wall if you jump onto it; see picture, path marked in orange. Behind the destination platform is a narrow ledge leading along the wall.

2nd Path:

Return to the platform by the stairs. Run across the collapsing platform ahead and jump at the end to land on the walkway below. You have to reach the walkway at the back, since the other part will collapse as well. From here you have to continue towards the platform at the right wall.

3rd Path:

Climb back onto the platform by the stairs. Then climb over to the left. Run to the end of the lower platform. Continue with a standing jump onto the next platform. Careful, the red part will collapse again. If you are very daring you can shortcut by jumping onto the platform ahead. Then you have to pick up the wt at the end of the next paragraph. Turn right and run towards the opposite wall. You have to jump at the end, or you might drop into the depth.

Dangerous Path

No matter which path you've chosen you will now be on a platform from which a narrow ledge leads along the right wall. Now you can walk along this ledge to get onto the next platform. But careful the ledge will crumble behind you. Run along the platform to the left and from the end jump to reach the next platform. Grab the ledge. Tanja found a much easier way: Stay at the end of the collapsing platform and wait for it to tilt forward. Jump forwards onto the next platform before you drop into the pit. You don't need to grab the ledge. Pull up and continue to the right. If you are positioned correctly you can make a sideflip.

The broken Bridge

The higher part of the platform is safe to stand on. After a short break you have to jump to the next platform. Careful, the middle part here will collapse. Get quickly onto the safe part. Jump and run over the gaps till you can climb onto a safe platform at the end. Take a standing jump towards the next block on the right, that will start to collapse. Pull up quickly. Take a last standing jump towards the next block to reach a bridge. Now you have to get safely across the bridge. Here again the higher parts are saver than the rest. Jump towards the plateau at the gate. Here you will find two packs of V-Packer ammo.

Earth Crystal

Collect the Earth Crystal at the gate. The floor in the room behind you will be restored except for a hole in the middle of the room. Run back out. Three skeletons will appear, they will send fire bolts in your direction. Try avoiding them and if you start burning run through one of the waterfalls by the gates. You can try getting rid of the skeletons but I felt this caused more trouble than it's worth. Pull the levers on the left and the right wall to open the exit again. Through the gate you can return to the [Hall of Seasons]. Spring part is now completed. If you catch fire and then run through the exit door you will emerge in the Hall of Seasons unharmed.
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