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The Angel of Darkness -> Parisian Backstreets

Expert's Challenge: Parisian Backstreets - The unfinished Part

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 2.0)

As you might have noticed there is an area behind the first door by the dog on the right from where you start the game. There is actually a way to get there.

1st Method

That's how it works:
(Might not work with the 52 patch or a later release of AoD.)
  • Open a command shell. (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe)
  • Then change into the AoD Subfolder.
    • Use the following commands to get there.
    • d: (or e: ... to change to another hard drive)
    • cd.. to move one directory up
    • cd Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD (you might have to use "" to type in two-word-folders) or similar to get into your AOD main folder.
  • Now enter: bin\traod.exe -debugkeys
The full path should be something similar to: c:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\bin\traod.exe -debugkeys

If you now press B on your keyboard Lara will swim through the air. Use directional buttons and Alt to swim through the closed door by the dog, when you have reached the other side press Ctrl to release Lara.

2nd Method

That's how it works:
(works with the patch as well)
If you cannot be bothered, to try it yourself or don't understand what you have to do, it might be easier if you just download my savegame.

The hidden part

Now you can explore the area around there, and finally you will learn how to crawl on your belly, one thing that was badly missed in the normal tutorial, as so many people asked me how it's done in Von Croys Apartment.

But let me give you a little warning, some textures will be missing.


From where we start after getting through the door by the dog, you can go up a set of stairs. You will find a locked shed-door and another door which would lead back to the part where you get after climbing onto the bin, shortly before the first ladder.

In the other direction you will come to a movable barrel you can pull under the drainpipe. (First image.)

On both sides of the road are gates Lara cannot open, but she can simply run through them. (Second image.)
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