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Aquatic Research Area

(The Angel of Darkness Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Automatic Machine Guns

Now we have to take care of Lara again. Press the yellow button to open the door. Step outside. In the area below you can see two automatic machine guns. Do not climb down the ladder. Instead hang from the ledge at the back on the right side and drop down behind the crates. Here you are hidden from the automatic machine guns. Crawl along to the left on your belly. (Press Crawl and Stealth!) Crawl through the narrow gap into the alcove behind. There you will find a wheel you can turn. If you do so some steam will be released into the chamber, blocking the view of the machine guns. Now you have to get past the second machine gun towards the drainpipe at the wall behind it. Stay as close to the left as possible while sneaking past of you might be seen by the machine gun. Climb up at the pipe. Then you have to climb over to the right and further up. At the top you have to climb to the right again and then pull up onto the ledge. Drop down onto the balcony and run into the passage.


At the end you'll find a monitor at the wall ahead. Press the button to look through the camera by using the direction buttons you can swing the camera around. At the left wall in the passage you'll see is a leakage, since the camera is on the other side it will be on the right when you enter. Release the camera by pressing crouch. Then step into the passage. At the other end you can see two automatic machine guns. Aim at the box where the leakage is, at the right wall. Do this from the distance since it will cause an explosion. I recommend the Mag Vega. The automatic machine guns will be destroyed. Now climb over the crates on the left side to reach the other end of the passage. Don't get too close to the leakage since it will cost you energy. On the right you will find a door and a switch for it. Press it to open the door.

Broken Glass Tube

Step into the shaft. Here you have to climb up the long ladder. Follow the passage to the stairs. The door at the top opens automatically. The control panel seems here seems to be turned off, occasionally a red light flashes. Behind it is a pool. Inside is a fish we have to distract. It's job is to guard one of the levers, however it's not doing it's job very well. You might be able to flip the switch without distracting the fish. I will explain the whole procedure anyway. Run to the right. There is another pool, seperated from the others. Jump in and dive down into the broken glass tube. The metal bars are burst as well. On the left you will find a lever. Use it to open a door in the big hall and tu turn on the right control panel. Turn around under water and dive up into the other passage. At the top you can climb out of the water. Run up the stairs and open the door by using the switch. Run out through the passage to return to the huge hall.

Elevator & Intact Glass Tube

The opened door is on the opposite side. So run to the left, past the platform with the control panel and over the bridge to the right. Run through and open the door at the end using the switch on the right. You'll come to a chamber with a gate in the middle. On the left is a switch for a camera which shows us another room. Inside is a lot of steam and something is spilling from a leakage in the ceiling onto the ground. Press the button on the right to open the door. Behind the door you will find an elevator. Push the button to close the door and start the elevator. Step outside when the elevator stops to emerge in the chamber the camera has shown you. Run down towards the door. You are now in the intact glass tube under water. Here you will find another control panel, the right part is lit. Run to the distant wall, where you find a lever. Use it to turn on the left part of the control panel. Run back outside and to the elevator. On the right side is a switch which opens the elevator doors again. Take the elevator back to the top. Run back into the passage and use the switch to open the door again.

Container & Fish Food

When you step outside you can see that the power above is now turned on. (You will need this to operate the transportation belt.) You will see a switch and an open trapdoor above a ladder. Run up the two stairs on the left. You will come to a walkway with a small container you can move. Pull it away from the lift and onto the transportation belt. Then use the switch on the left to activate the belt and transport the container to the other side. Run over. Push the container into the chamber and underneath the opening. Then use the lever to fill the container with meat. Then pull the container back onto the transport belt. Power Up! (upper body strength) Send the container back to the other side by pushing the switch. There you have to push it back onto the lift.

Trapdoor and Pipe

Run down the stairs again. Run over to the opposite side, where the pool with the broken glass tube is. Run over to the left platform and up the stairs there. Here you can climb up the next ladder since the trapdoor has been opened. Here you will find two buttons for the security cameras. By using the right you will see a lever with the number 1 inside the pool with the strange fish creature. By using the left you will see a circular chamber with lever number 2. Step out through the door and run down the stairs till you reach the end. Here it goes upwards. Climb up the pipe, with the upper body strenght training this shouldn't be much of a problem. Climb up, to the right, again up and there to the left till you are above the bridge. Drop down onto the bridge.

Feeding the Fish

Use the switch to call the lift on the other side. Press the switch with some delay the lift will move back to the other side. Use the pause to get onto the lift platform. Here you have to step through the door which opens when approached. Run to the left into the chamber. There is a lever for the lift with the fish food. Use it to send the container down into the water to feed the fish. This will distract him.

Press the yellow button to open the other door. Step into the passage and open the next door. In the next chamber you'll meet a guard. Kill him. In the water tank in the center you can see another of those fish creatures. On the left side next to the door you can find a cabinet with some Ammo inside. On the opposite side in the cabinet is more Ammo. After collecting everything you can get out again.

Run out the the opening door again.

Lever 1 and Pit 2

Climb down to the water and jump inside. At one of the walls you can find the lever with the number 1. Now that the fish is busy with lunch you can get there unnoticed. (Most people managed to get there without feeding the fish.) Use the lever. This will open an enormous trapdoor on the ground of the pool. Swim to the surface to catch some breath. Then dive over to the opposite side where you will find an open shaft with the Number 2. Dive inside and upwards.


A video sequence begins. Lara puts on a diving suit, which she finds here, then she presses the switch, which will raise the water level. Use the lever number 2, you will find here at the wall. You will open the second large trapdoor outide. Take another deep breath. Then dive outside and into the next level through the trapdoors.

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