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Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness




Please note that the walkthrough will be fully revised, the latest version can be found in WikiRaider first.

About the solution and the game:

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness came out in June 2003, for PC, PS2 and later Mac. There are no secrets and no bonus levels in this game.

Other novelties in the game - besides the fact that the graphics are smoother than in the previous games and that Lara is now made of over 5,000 polygons - are PowerUps (which increase Lara's upper- or lower-boy strength), the Grab Bar (Lara can only climb for a limited time), Stealth Mode, fist-fighting, and interacting with other characters by talking to them. When performing a certain action, like climbing, crawling... you don't have to hold the button any more, pressing it once will suffice, press the button again to release the move. You also won't have to turn around any more to hang from a ledge, pressing action will do the trick. You will also find that the game will communicate with you through some on-screen symbols (e.g. hand-symbol for nearby pickups, blue Lara figure for active walk-mode or diary-symbol for journal-updates). During later parts of the game, you will meet a second playable character, Kurtis Trent.

The Walkthrough
I have written this detailed walkthrough for The Angel of Darkness based on the PC Version. This solution includes countless screenshots and drawings and Expert's Challenges. You might find that certain key elements in the walkthrough have certain colours. Here's the meaning: green are Health Items and other Goodies; red are Ammunition and Weapons; brown are Traps and Baddies; blue are Triggers and Keys. (If you have any more questions, ask them in our Forum.)

[EC] means, that there is an Expert's Challenge available for this level. (Click it.)

Important Tips:
  • You should save manually (not using quicksave = F5, but by going to the menu instead) often and always use a different slot!
  • If the game crashes, or Lara get's stuck in a strange view or she won't sprint, or ..., follow the instructions in our Tech Support file.
  • Make sure you are familiar with all contron options, such as lying flat on the ground (press crouch, then stealth), making a short jump (press jump and up while still pressing walk) switching targets, when fighting opponents (press Roll Button).
  • When you are stuck at a riddle or don't know what to do, look into Werner's diary. There might be a helpful entry within.

Errors and Revisions
Please note that there are goodies missing in the Prague part of the game. Somewhere there is a very foggy walkway, where my PC back when I wrote the WT wouldn't allow me to go down. They still have to be added to the walkthrough.
I am currently (Spring 07) revising the walkthrough and all additional help files for Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.

User Comments

I got the first user comments, thank you very much:

"love it, it's the best tomb raider ever! though the only complaint i have is the analog control is still horrible, and that's the only way you can control lara." (Xmoet;PS2 User)

more comments


You can read an interview with Mike Schmitt on IGN. There he again mentiones Laras new abiltiy to interact with other characters, to improve her abilities and the possibilities of hand to hand combat and new stealth moves. The way she interacts with the characters, friendly or hostile, determines how the game continues.
He also mentiones that apparently the game is done but Core is still doing some fine tuning.
They estimate that AoD will provide 20-25 hours of gameplay.
Kurtis will have the same basic moves and controls as Lara, but he will also have a variety of different moves and different weapons.
read full interview

What's New:

Laras abilities can be improved by practicing certain moves and completing tasks during the game. Lara will be interacting and comunicating with other charakters, this will determine your further progress. Lara is now made up of over 5,000 polygon and will look much better than before.


On the official Eidos Website you can find a couple of AoD related downloads, including Trailers, Winamp Skins, Wallpapers, Postcards and more. You can find this on the AoD Download Site.


Walkthrough Copyright Information:
© 2000 - 2021 tombraidergirl This walkthrough is not to be copied onto other webpages, printed and used in any other way than for personal use. If there are any errors/typos/missing images, please report them in our forum, or if you have any suggestions please contact me. If you need help use the forum. The TR I & II Walkthroughs are based on the UK PSX version and the others are based on the German PC version.