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Dogs: As long as you stay away from them they can't harm you. The guns should suffice. If necessary climb on a box.
Bats and Rats: There is not much you can do about a flock of bats or rats except run away and hope you will lose them soon. They will disappear after a short while.
Larson: Larson can't be killed, he has to be chased away. Shoot at him till he disappears. Take the guns against him.
Dragon Heads: The most effective way to fight the dragon heads is jumping sideways while shooting at them. Use the normal guns, any other weapon would be vasted anyway. Fighting them wont cost much energy and if it does you're nearly dead anyway and can reload and try again.
Gladiators: Gladiators are very mean. They move quickly and have a sword. Use the shotgun on them.
Lions: Lions are very dangerous as well. They'll jump at you, bit you and use their claws on you. Use the shotgun.

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