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6. Deep Sea Dive

(Tomb Raider V - Chronicles - Walkthrough Version 1.1)

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You are now outside the sub. Your task is it to get into the wreckage of the sunken sub. Dive towards the sea weed.

Dive around to the right. Then to the left. There you'll meet a little underwater boat. Avoid their torpedos as good as you can. (You've got some chaff flares with which you can distract the torpedos.) In the far left corner is a little alcove where you'll find the Golden Rose. Collect it and dive back out.

Dive back towards the sea weed. Dive past it and turn right. You'll meet another underwater boat. (Or is it the same?? Remember you have chaff-flares which you can use as decoys.) Stay on the left side and dive along the rocks. Follow the little passage on the left till your out in the open again. There is the underwater boat again shooting at you. Dive down into the wreckage.

Inside the Wreck

Dive into the passage. In the next chamber you'll find another passage under the ceiling, follow it. Cross one more chamber to get into another passage. And in the following room enter the next passage. Here you've reached what you are looking for. Watch the movie. Lara collects the Spear of Destiny but at the end is hit by a part of the collapsing wreckage. So she has to be quick, because her air-supply is now limited.

Back to the Sub

Dive through the passage ahead. The next one is in the upper left corner. Then in the upper right corner. And in the next chamber it's down on the left. Then turn to the left and dive up into the open. Turn around and dive back towards the sub. Turn right. At the seaweed to the left, left again around the rocks and to the right. Towards the sub and up into the hatch. You might have to take some medipack on the way. Movie: Lara gets back into the sub and out of the suit.

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