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25. Chambers of Tulun

(Tomb Raider IV - Last Revelation Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Creature with Hammer

Drive down towards the building and run over the soldier standing on the right. Now take out the revolver combined with the lasersight and shoot another guard on the roof on your right. Park the motorbike facing to the right. Enter the building. Note that you can climb up on both sides. Step into the second part of the chamber. Run into the corner on the left and collect the grenade launcher. Step back out. Now collect the small medipack on the right. Cross the room and step out on the other side.

Secret 56:
In front of you is an opening in the wall. Step forward and jump up. Hold on to the ledge and pull up. Follow the path to a crawlspace. Crawl in. On the other side, you have to climb out backwards. Collect the flares, the crossbow ammo, the revolver ammo and the large medipack. Crawl and run back out onto the street.

Turn left and run around the corner. There you'll meet a creature with a hammer. He hits the ground, causing earthquakes. Lara will lose energy if he's to close. On the right is a wheel, which will open the gate on the wall behind. There is a ladder in this chamber but you can't climb up as long as the hammer-man is still around, unless you climb up while your feet are dangling. To achieve that you have to climb on the side of the ladder, not in the middle.


Run back towards the building and enter. Run towards the door where you entered. Stay inside and climb onto the pillar on the left. This building seems to be resistant to earthquakes. Turn around and make a running jump towards the platform above the archway. Step forward and to the left. Make a running jump towards the crevice and hold on to it. Shimmy right. At the end, climb up onto the platform. Turn right and jump towards the ladder. Climb around the pillar. (Lara won't make it around the second corner if her feet are dangling.) Follow the platform to the left. Climb up at the end. Follow the path out onto the roof.

Secret 57:
Turn right and jump over to the platform on the right wall. Make a running jump onto the rope and swing over to the opposite side, where you can see a large medipack. Jump into the opening. Collect the large medipack. Turn around and shoot the huge flying beetle. I recommend the shotgun. Now shoot the next flying beetle up here as well. And collect some blue shotgun ammo. Step back into the entrance and make a running jump to the lower platform on the left. From there jump back towards the crevice and shimmy right. Climb back along the ladders and return to the roof.

There is a lever. Use it. The doors of the chambers will close and the hammer man is trapped.

Way to the Citadel Gate

Now you have to be quick because the doors are timed. Turn around and make a running jump towards the platform on the right wall. Step onto the platform standing out and jump towards the rope. Turn right and swing over to the higher platform there. Jump over. Quickly shoot the guard and pick up the large medipack. Drop through the hole and return to the motorbike quickly. Drive it along towards the pit and over the ramp on the left. On the other side, turn left and run over the giant beetle. You can't drive any further so get down and run ahead to where you've met the creature with the hammer. Use the wheel about three times. Jump over it and enter the passage. Quickly climb up the ladder. Follow the passage.

Secrets #: 56-57

You will return to the Chambers of Tulun during the next couple of Levels. You'll find the other Chambers of Tulun parts included there or in the second Chambers of Tulun file. So if you don't find any help here go there:
  • Trenches: On your way from the Citadel Gate to the Trenches, you have to return to the Chambers of Tulun and collect the motorbike.

  • Tulun 2: As there is another big part in the Chambers of Tulun Level I have made a second file for that part.

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