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29. Trenches 2

(Tomb Raider IV - Last Revelation Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Clearing the Path

Park the motorbike again. Run towards the palm tree. Now take out the revolver and shoot the little barrier on the left wall behind the palm tree. Then run up the right stairs. Turn left and climb into the alcove. Follow the path around the corner and collect the large medipack. Climb back out. A sniper from the roof behind will shoot at you, take him down. Run to the opposite side of the road. On the left, you'll see a trapdoor. It's handle is on the left. Stand there facing right. Jump up and pull the trapdoor down by pressing action. Climb into the gap on the left. On the other side, crawl out backwards. Pick up the crossbow ammo. Now crawl through the gap on the other side. Hang from the ledge and shimmy left and around the two corners. Drop onto the bridge.


Step into the middle. There is a climbable ceiling. A swarm of locusts will attack you. After they are gone monkey climb to the other side. Run onto the roof and shoot the guard on the left. Pick up the small medipack. On the right, you'll find a closed door. Use the key to open it. Step out on the other side. Step onto the left platform and make a running jump to the opposite side. Grab the ledge. Shimmy left and pull up at the end. Follow the passage. Climb up onto the block and look through the gap. You can see a red button. Take out the revolver or crossbow with the lasersight and shoot at it. Or just shoot in that direction using normal pistols. The box starts smoking when you've hit it. A door will have opened. Run back out and drop to the ground. Return to the bike.

Getting to the Street Bazaar

Take the bike up the left stairs and overrun two soldiers. After that, take it up the middle stairs at full speed and through the now open door on the left. You have to jump onto the ramp and land on a platform behind it. Park the bike and climb up the ladder. Follow the passage and slide down at the end.

Secrets: none

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