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Remark: The level name behind the baddy tells you where you will encounter the baddy for the first time in the game. Click on the name of the baddy to go to the Wiki Raider article about it.

Wild Boar (Angkor Wat):
Lara will meet the Wild Boars in the first level "Angkor Wat". These boars are pretty dangerous for Young Lara as she's got no weapons. She should leave them for Werner and his machete. Wild Boars can be found in "Angkor Wat" and "Race for the Iris".

Scorpions (Tomb of Seth):
There are two kinds of Scorpions in The Last Revelation, some of them are poisonous, others are not. If Lara is poisoned, she has to take a medipack. Use the pistols against Scorpions. 5 shots suffice. Sometimes you can climb on higher blocks, where scorpions cannot get. In the first level, the Guide will help you with his torch.

Fire Wraith (Tomb of Semerkhet):
A fire ghost will follow you within a certain area and try to set you on fire. The only way to get rid of it is to jump into a pool. It will then follow you and extinguish itself.

Air Wraith (Tomb of Semerkhet):
An Air Wraith will follow you like a fire wraith but it won't set you on fire it will just rob some energy. Find one of the cross statues to get rid of it.

Ice Wraith (Tomb of Semerkhet):
Two ice ghosts can be encountered throughout the game - one in the Tomb of Semerkhet where you can free an Ice and a Fire Ghost which will then eliminate each other and another one in

Knight in shining Armour (The Lost Library):
The Knights in golden armour you will encounter in the library have a soft spot. The green-blue gem on their chest. As long as you stay away from them they can't harm you. Pistols should suffice.

Baddy 1 (Blue Robed Baddy) (Valley Of The Kings):
The blue ninjas will shoot at you with uzis or will try so stab you with their sabers. The first is very dangerous. The second can be avoided. I recommend using the pistols unless you've got ammo to spare in which case I recommend using the uzis.

Baddy 2 (Black and Red Robed Baddy) (Valley Of The Kings):
The red ninjas will try to attack you with their strange knifes. They will also block your weapons fire with it. A nice trick to get rid of them is shooting at them till they take their knifes out. Then put your weapons away. They will pit theirs away and prepare to attack you. Now draw your weapons again and shoot them again. Repeat until they are dead.

SAS Units (City Of The Dead):
The Guards you'll meet in the City of the Dead are very dangerous opponents. They have very good weapons and will cost you a lot of energy. Circle them while shooting.

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Information on weapons and other pickup itmes can be found here.

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