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8. Hypostyle Hall

(Tomb Raider IV - Last Revelation Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Climbing and Jumping

Climb out of the pit and turn left. Collect the red shotgun ammo on one of the rocks ahead. Turn left and walk through one of the archways. Shoot a scorpion. Collect the flares. Shoot another scorpion. Collect the small medipack. Return to the yard. Climb on the block on the opposite site. Turn right. Shoot the two scorpions there. Now climb onto the block. Turn around and climb higher up. Shoot another scorpion. Collect the uzi ammo on the left side. Now run over to the right and shoot another scorpion. Collect the blue shotgun ammo. Step into the second opening from the right. Jump up and hold on to the ceiling. Monkey climb along and to the right. Drop onto the platform. Jump over to the next platform on the right wall. Collect the flares. Jump back and make two more jumps to get to the platform on the left wall. Collect the red shotgun ammo. Again, jump back and now onto the platform between the two pillars. From there jump onto the sand platform at the wall in front. Run along to the right. Collect the uzi ammo at the end and the small medipack around the corner. Drop back down onto the ground. (You can skip most of this if you stay on ground level and run between the pillars, but you'll miss some goodies.)

Way Out

Turn around the corner. You'll come to a pit. (Movie: Watch Von Croy and his gang arrive.) Now position at the left side of the pit. Make a running jump and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Enter the passage on the right. (In the left corner is a gap leading to a passage with a locked door. Keep that in mind for the second time through.) Collect the medipack in the next room on the left. Now turn right and slide down the hill.

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