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Forgotten Level

If you have a look on your CD you can see a couple of .tr4 Files in the data folder. (Important: In some versions of the game this file might be missing. So if you cannot find it, don't blame me.)

The file you are looking for is joby1b.tr4, this file is not used in the game. This level should have been included in the Sphinx Complex Area but was left out.

The easiest way to get it running is using the Level Editor. If you've got the level editor that came with Tomb Raider Chonicles, or some versions with the Movie DVD you can use it to get the level running. Just copy it into the data folder. Make a backup of (for example) the tut1.tr4 and rename the file to tut1.tr4. Now start your Level Editor and choose Tutorial Level (or whatever you renamed).

There are no objects in this "level". No decoration, no baddies, no pickups.

You begin the level on a set of stairs. Up behind you is the beginning of the level. On the last step is the finish trigger. (Picture: One step further and you are out!)

So the area you can explore is further down. There you can turn left or right.

Turn right and run up the stairs there. Turn right and right again to enter the stronghold. On the left is a passage leading further into the building. There you have to jump over the gaps. Enter the passage on the right to find a huge hall with stone pillars. In the east you can find a very broad passage leading into the darkness. At the end you will meet a huge stone wall blocking your way. Back outside the pillar hall you can running jump over the second (western) trench. Grab the ledge and pull up.

Run out to come into another yard. Outside and to the right you will find a buliding with some entrances. The rooms behind these entrances are completely empty. At the end a big gate is blocking your way. A few steps bac approx. opposite the last entrance you can find a passage in the wall. All the passages there lead to a dead end.

So you have to return to the pits. Jump over to the other side again. Get outside and run down the stairs on the left again. Now follow the other direction. Not up the stairs where you cam from but to the right.

Cross the yard with the sloped blocks and run to the left. On your right is a fence. On the left is a dark tunnel and the end of the "level".

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