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32. Sphinx Complex

(Tomb Raider IV - Last Revelation Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Key and 2 Levers

Run forward and shoot the two baddies on the right. One of them loses a key. Pick it up. Open the gate and step into the next room. On the right are two more baddies. Kill them as well. On both sides are walls with a pit behind it. On the other side are platforms with levers. Make a running jump to get to them then use both to open the gate on the other side. Return to the ground and run towards the open gate. On the left is another baddie. Kill him. Then collect the red shotgun ammo on the right. Now step outside.

The pits on the Right

On both sides are deep pits. Turn to the right. Jump onto the platform on the right, in the pit. (You can have a look at a picture of the pit.) Make a standing jump onto the platform on the left. Turn a little bit to the right and make a running jump towards the grey ledge in the middle. Hold on and pull up. On the right is a closed wooden gate and in front is another pit. Drop onto the platform on the left. (You can have a look at a picture of the pit.) Pick up the large medipack. A blue robed baddy will start shooting at you. Use the revolver or the crossbow with the lasersight to kill him. Now make a running jump towards the platform in the right corner. Climb up to leave the pit.

Metal Blade

Step towards the door and kick it open. Enter the building. Shoot the boxes on the right and pick up the uzi ammo. Now run towards the rack in the right corner and pull it away from the wall. Crouch in front of the grating and shoot it with the pistols. Crawl into the passage. At the end, you will come to another grating. Shoot it. Crawl out. A baddy will start shooting at you. Return fire. Pick up the red shotgun ammo he loses. Now shoot the crate in front of the rack and pick up the Metal Blade inside.

Secret 63:
Pull the rack away. Now pull the second rack out of the corner. Pick up the shotgun underneath.

Go towards the gate and press the button on the right. The gate opens. Step outside. Shoot the two baddies. Run back towards the pit on the left. (You can have a look at a picture of the pit.) Walk towards the edge and make a running jump onto the platform on the right. Turn left and jump onto the next platform. Jump back out.

The Pits on the Left - Inscription

Now run over to the pit on the left. On the left side of the pit is a platform. (You can have a look at a picture of the pit.) Drop down. Make a running jump towards the platform ahead. Then turn right and jump over there. From there jump up onto safe ground. Turn right. Lara will look into the passage on the right. Run towards the stone there. (Movie: Lara will read the inscription.)

Wooden Handle

Run back out of the passage and run to the right. There is another pit. On the right is a platform. (You can have a look at a picture of the pit.) Jump onto it. Jump towards the platform on the opposite side. Do not grab the ledge. Turn to the right. (You can see two ninja on the opposite side. You can shoot them if you use any weapon with lasersight, but think carefully if you can spare the ammo.) Then jump over to the next platform. Above you can see two ninja running around. Jump up and shoot them. Shoot the boxes in the left corner and collect the wooden handle.

Diggin' in the Dirt

Then climb onto the platform at the sphinx' foot. Jump up. Run to the right end and pick up the blue shotgun ammo. Now slide down to the inside, where the stone with the inscription is. Combine the wooden handle with the metal blade to get a shovel. Now get to the area with the cracks on the ground and press action to start digging. Drop down and run down into the darkness.

Secret #: 63

You will return to the Sphinx Complex during one of the next Levels. You'll find the Sphinx Complex parts included there. So if you don't find any help here go there:

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