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1. Angkor Wat

(Tomb Raider IV - Last Revelation Walkthrough Version 1.0)

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Getting Started

Look around. Run towards the stairs. Werner tells you to be careful and follow his instructions.

Secret 1:
Collect the golden skull on the step on the left.

Now follow Werner down into the cave. Werner tells you not to leave the road. (However, you have to, if you want to find all the secrets.) Run down the stairs. You'll come to a round circle on the right wall. In the passage behind you can see some holes on the floor. Don't enter the passage yet. Werner will use the circle on the wall, which will deactivate the spikes in the next passage.

The First Jump

Now run through the passage to come to a bridge. Werner explains to you how you can jump over it. (Listen to what he tells you.)

Secret 2:
Then drop into the trench to land in the water. Collect the next golden skull. Take one of the stairs back up.

Jump over the trench as instructed. Run around the pillar. In the next room, you will meet a wild boar. Ignore it and leave it to Werner. Enter the passage on the left.

Jump and Grab

You'll come to an area where you have to do a couple of jumps. (Listen to Werner while he explains how to grab the ledge after jumping.)

Secret 3:
Again, drop down into the area below. Collect the next golden skull at a waterfall in the far right corner. Run back to the other side of the yard and run up the ramp on the right. Back up run to the left to get back to the gaps.

Go towards the edge and make a standing jump forward. While in the air press the action button to grab the ledge. Hold it and pull yourself up. (Alternatively, if you don't want to practise, you can make a running jump to get over that gap.)

Running Jump

At the next gap, Werner tells you that you have to do a running jump. Walk towards the edge. Then press back to jump back once. Run forward and while running press and hold the jump button. When in the air press action to grab the ledge. Pull yourself up.

Shimmy and Safety Drop

Follow Werner to the wall on the left. He points out the gap at the wall on the right. Run up to where Werner was standing. Turn right. Walk towards the wall. Jump straight up and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the right. At the end, you can pull yourself up. Follow the passage around. At the other end, Werner tells you that you have to lower yourself into the next room. He tells you to turn around at the edge, jump back and press the action button to grab the ledge. Then let go to land on the lower platform. Alternatively, you can make a roll and grab the ledge while dropping over the edge. This is much quicker. This is called "Safety Drop".

Swimming, Diving and a Lever

Again, follow Werner. Dive into the pool.

Secret 4:
Collect the next golden skull on the ground on the right.

Dive into the passage left of the skull. At the end, collect a small and a large medipack. Dive back into the big pool and turn right. Swim towards the shore in the right corner. Press the action button to climb out. Climb up to the left. Run towards the lever. Position yourself at the long end. Now press the action button to use the lever.

Ladder Climbing

Werner will come running over the lowered bridge. Follow him into the passage. He will open another door for you. Follow him to a platform with a ladder. He tells you to climb up. Walk up to the ladder, jump up and press the action button. Use the directional button to climb up. Use the lever up there and climb back down. (Turn around and jump back to grab the ladder. To get down quickly you can let go of the ladder and grab it again, let go again and so on till you're down.)

Monkey Climb

Follow Werner into the next passage and up the stairs. At the end, he explains to you how to monkey climb. Run up towards the edge. Jump straight up and press the action button. Press forward to climb along. When you've reached the platform on the other side you can let go.

Wild Boars

Again, follow Werner. You'll now come to an outdoor area. Run around to the right. (Werner will turn to the left to take care of a wild boar.) You will encounter another wild boar. Ignore it. At the next corner, turn right again.

Secret 5:
Turn right once more to collect another skull. Turn around and head back around the last corner.

Enter the passage on the opposite wall. Run down the stairs and head around the pillar. Enter the next building and turn right. You can see holes on the floor, they indicates spike trap so stay away from them.

Secret 6:
Run around to the right and collect another golden skull.

Enter the next passage.


In the next yard, you will meet Werner again. He tells Lara that she has to crawl into a passage to open the next portal for them. Run towards the gap. Crouch and crawl in.

Secret 7:
Crawl into the passage on the left. Collect the golden skull and return to the previous tunnel.

Continue along that passage. Crawl out into the chamber. (Movie: Watch how Lara got her backpack.) Now run towards the lever and use it. Crawl back out.


Follow Werner down the stairs. When you turn around the corner to the right, you have to sprint. Press the jump button when Werner tells you to. Lara will then dive under the wall. In case you don't make it, you can crawl through underneath. Run up the hill.

Secret 8:
Before running towards the building ahead, collect the last skull in the yard.


If you've collected all goodies in this level, the next one will be more difficult. Lara will then take the passage on the left. If you haven't collected all secrets, Lara will choose the passage on the right.

The next room that Lara will reach is the same except if she has taken the easy route the pool under the rope is filled with water and Lara won't die if she slips.

The Rope

Lara and Werner come into another room with a locked door. Go towards the left wall. In the left corner you will find a gap in the wall. Jump up, grab the ledge and crawl in. (Press crawl additionally to action and up.) Run up the steps and head to the right. Follow the walkway to the end. Make a running jump over to the rope. Press action to grab hold. Start swinging the rope by pressing the sprint key. If you are above the next ledge, press the jump button to leave the rope. Run towards the lever and use it. Slide down into the room and follow Werner through the opened door. Run down the hill. You will slide into the next level.

Secrets: # 1-8

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