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Tomb Raider III

Thames Wharf Bugs and Shortcuts

A very famous spot for bugs is London. (Only referring to the Levels of course. ;-) )

There are a couple of ways to finish the level earlier.

  • London 1 - quick finish (rooftops)

    There is a totally useless slope at one of the buildings, this can be used to reach an area you are not supposed to reach. My guess is that this slope has been forgotten and was used while debugging.

    That's how it works:
    Get to the place from where you can reach the lift with the paint. (From the beginning you can get there if you step to the end of the platform, face the cathedral, then turn left and take a running jump onto the sloped roof there. You will find there is a platform you can stand on. Now follow the walkway and into the tunnel on the right.) On your left is the lift and in front is an area with a covered switch. If you look at the wall on the right you will notice a gap in the roof. This is the little slope I am talking about. Hang from the ledge and shimmy as far as you can to the left. Then pull up and while sliding jump over to the left. If you do that properly you will end up on the roof of the next house. From there you can run towards the belfry. If you jump to the correct spot you can finish the lever or if not explore the belfry.

  • London 2 - quick finish (crane)

    In the area around the crane you will find a couple of blocks and platforms. From one of them you can reach a platform by the crane - you are supposed to reach at the end of the game - a bit earlier. You have to lose some energy.

    That's how it works:
    London From the start you have to get over the sloped roof on your right. Quickest method is to take a running jump from the bridge right over it. (Or you go towards the last platform make a backflip onto the slope, jump again to reach the higher platform. Then turn around and face the slope. Take a running jump and press to the right while in the air. This way you will slide down backwards. Grab the ledge and safely drop down.) In the hidden passage behind climb onto the block in the left corner. Continue onto the bigger block below on the right. There turn around and jump onto the single platform. Drop down on the other side to reach the lowest platform. Now turn towards the crate. You can see a square platform attached to it. You can reach it with a standing jump. From there continue towards the roof with the barb wire and get up towards the cathedral to leave the level. (If this last bit is confusing, check out the walkthrough.)

  • London 3 - skipping the flue room part

    One of your first tasks is to get a flue room key. But you can easily skip that part. In the flue room you'll find a switch that will turn of a burner in a passage where you have to go down. However you can get past without catching fire.

    That's how it works:
    London Get over to the other side of the roof. You can use the shortcut like described above or follow my walkthrough. There you will find the passage on the right leading to the area with the lift. Follow the passage on the left instead. This way you will come to the opening with the fire burning inside. Hang from the ledge. Shimmy as far to the right as you can. Then let go and make a sideflip out of harms way. You might lose some energy but you'll get past.

  • London 4 - switch covers

    As if the London Level wasn't buggy enough, you can also skip opening the covers for the switches. That's what I call the switch cover bug. Different covers, different tactics:

    That's how it works:

    On the rooftops by the lift the following will work:

    1. Shimmy to a place above the cover.
    2. Let go and you will drop straight through and end up standing inside the cover.
    3. By pressing action you can use the switch inside.

    Down by the water chambers you will find two covers where the shimmy over trick won't work. However one cover - the one with the red flashlight - can be overcome by another simple trick.

    1. Stand in front of the cover.
    2. Make a roll to end up standing inside the cover.
    3. Turn around to face the switch.
    4. Press Action to use the switch.

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