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Ammo: Except for pistols the ammo is limited. Collect all the ammo you can find and don't waste it on easy opponents.

Pistols (from the beginning):
Lara has unlimited ammo for these and will always carry two of them with her. They are not very effective but most of the opponents can be killed with them. If you run around a lot and circle your opponents they will suffice most of the time.

Shotgun (sine Jungle):
The shotgun takes long to load but it's very effective and takes only a couple of hits to kill an opponent. Useful against Tigers, Lions, Crocodiles and similar.

Uzis (since Nevada Desert):
They are very effective but waste a lot of ammo. Use them against opponents you have to kill quickly.

Desert Eagle (since High Security Compound):
A very effective weapon for close range battles. Firing rate is very slow but that wont matter with this weapon. Very limited ammo alas.

MP5 (since Area 51):
I have to admit I couldn't get used to the MP5. I found it very effective against the Boss in "Temple of Puna" but besides that I haven't used it often. It has a slightly better range than the Uzis but aiming takes longer.

Rocket Launcher :

Grenade Launcher (since Caves of Kaliya):

Harpoon Gun (since Coastal Village):
The Harpoon Gun is the only underwater weapon. It's not very effective but better than nothing against sharks, crocodiles, divers and similar.

small Medipack:
By taking a small medipack Lara will regain 50% of her strength.

large Medipack:
By taking a small medipack Lara will regain all of her strength.

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