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Monkeys (Jungle):
Mostly harmless. In the first level you shouldn't shoot at the monkeys at all. They will show you the way to a couple of goodies. Monkeys will also try to steal goodies. But you can find them elsewhere. In the second level the monkeys are aggressive and you have to kill them. Use the pistols to do so, any other ammo would be wasted. Make sure you spot them early and kill them before they come to close. Monkeys appear in Jungle, Temple Ruins and River Ganges.

Tiger (Jungle):
The shotgun is the most effective against the Tiger, but normal Pistols will suffice. If possible climb up onto a rock and shoot the tiger from up there. Tigers can only be found in the first India Level "Jungle".

Piranhas (Jungle):
You can't kill them, swim as fast as you can and quickly get out of the water. Wait for the swarm to be as far away as possible before entering the water. Watch out for ways to distract them. You can find Piranhas in the first three India Levels and in "Crashsite".

Cobra (Templeruins):
Get close to wake them, then step away and shoot them with the pistols. If poisoned take a medipack to heal the wound. Be careful when approaching thicket, cobras might be hiding in it. You will meet cobras in "Temple Ruins", "River Ganges" and "Caves of Kaliya"

Shiva Statues (Templeruins):
When fighting the Shiva you should use the pistols. Anything else would be a waste. Use Uzis or similar alternatively. But the statues are very slow and not very dangerous when you move fast. Shoot at the statues front side. If the statue takes cover behind it's swords you have to get a bit closer so it opens it's arms again. Jump back while shooting at it. You can also try climbing up onto something to shoot the statues from up there. Shivas can be found in the "Temple Ruins".

Vultures (River Ganges):
If you spot the vultures early the pistols will suffice. Shotgun is very effective if they come to close. If they attack your head roll and run away quickly. Vultures can be found in "River Ganges", "Nevada Desert"

India Boss (Cave of Kaliya):
The India Boss will send energy bolts in your direction. Jump sideways while shooting at him. It wont take long even with pistols.

Rattle Snake (Nevada Desert):
Hiding behind bushes in Nevada you can find rattle snakes. Be careful when approaching. Pistols will suffice. Don't get to close and you will be fine. You will meet the rattle snakes in Nevada Desert.

Workers (Nevada Desert):
In the Nevada Desert you will meet some guys who are working at the water wheel. Shoot them with guns or any weapons you fancy.

Raptors (Crash Site):
Takes very long to kill them with normal pistols; Desert Eagle 5 Hits; Shotgun 10 Hits; MP5 about 20 Hits; Grenades 3. Choose whatever you can spare.

T-Rex (Crash Site):
There is also one T-Rex in this game. He is very tough so either use your best weapon (Uzi, Desert Eagle, MP5 Rifle...) or look for cover. In the part where you encounter the T-Rex you can find a doorway from where you can kill it. There might also be some unexpected help from a soldier.

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