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All the PC and PlayStation Keys are without remapping.

Running: Using the directional buttons you can make Lara run forward. Turn left or right ore jump backward. If you're using the left or right button while Lara is already running she will run in this direction.
Walking: To stop at an edge or get safely through spike traps you have to walk. Press the Walk-Button and the directional buttons.
(PC: Shift; PSX: R1)
Sprint: Since Tomb Raider 3 Lara can now sprint. While running press the sprint key. This way you can enter doors before they close, or run away from boulders.
(PC: "-" or "." or "Delete" (depending on your keyboard); PSX: R2)
Jumping: Press the jump button (PC: Alt; PSX: Square) and if necessary the directional button. Lara will then jump straight up, jump forward or make a sault to the side or the back. If you jump while moving Lara will jump further.
Running Jump: Walk towards the edge, Lara will stop before dropping down. Now press back once. Lara will hop back. Now press forward and while still running press and hold the jump button. Lara will now leap from the edge.
Turn in midair: Press the jump button and while in the air press the roll button. This also works while climbing on a wall.
Climbing: If you want Lara to climb a crate or even a ladder you have to stand in front of it and press action. While holding action down press the direction you want her to go to.
Shimmy: You can shimmy along a ledge if you press left or right while hanging from it. (Action button pressed down.)
Monkey climb: From now on Lara can also monkey climb along the ceiling if there is something to hold on to. Jump up and press action (PC: Alt + Ctrl; PSX: Square + X) to grab the ceiling. Now press forward to climb along. You can turn by pressing left or right.
Crouching: Another new move is crouching. Press the crouch button. (PC: "." or "" or ""(depending on your keyboard); PSX: L2) Lara will now get down on her knees. If you now press forward, Lara will crawl. This way you can crawl under fallen tree trunks or into gaps. If you have to get into a gap that's above ground level you have to make sure that Lara's legs are not on the ladder, they have to hang down, otherwise she won't crawl in.
Levers and Pickups: To get Lara to use levers or pick up things simply press the Action button. (PC: Ctrl; PSX: X)
Shooting: Draw your weapons by pressing the draw button (PC: Space; PSX: Triangle). Lara will aim automatically if anything shootable is around. Start shooting by pressing Action (PC: Ctrl; PSX: X).
180 Degree Turn: Lara can also make a roll, which is very helpful if she has to turn quickly or if she is fighting a fierce enemy. Just press the roll button (PC: End or forwards and backwards at once; PSX: Circle) this also works under water.
Looking around: If you want to look around, especially at the ceiling just press the look button. (PC: 0 (number pad); PSX: L1) Now use the directional buttons to choose what to look at.
swimming: While in the water you can navigate by using the directional buttons.
Diving: If you want to dive just press the jump button. Now use the directional buttons to navigate.
Flare: Use a flare to see in dark rooms, also works under water.
Swandive: If you press the walk button while jumping in any direction, except back, Lara will make a swandive. Use only for water or on even ground or Lara will break her neck.
Handstand: If Lara hangs from a ledge press the look button and up.
Quad-Bike: Use the action button (PC: Ctrl; PSX: X) to go faster. Use Jump (PC: Alt; PSX: Square) to go backwards. Use the roll-button (PC: End; PSX: Circle) to get off.
Kayak: If you press up the kayak will go forwards if you press down it will go backwards. If you press left or right it will turn. Use the walk button while pressing left or right to make a sharp turn. Use the roll button (PC: End; PSX: Circle) to leave the boat.

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