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Training - The Mansion


All of the chapters in this "walkthrough" can be played separately. I recommend exploring the house on your own and if you have the feeling you have missed something have a look at the description of the rooms here. he most interesting part is probably the getting Race Track Key and getting onto the Roof.


The Training Session starts in Lara's bedroom. Run over to the switch at the wall. Use the directional buttons. Up is running forward. Left and right are used to turn in this direction. Press it. Use the Action Button. (Default: PC:Ctrl; PSX: X) The orange door opens. In the chamber you can find some flares. Pick them up. Press Action Button while standing close to them. Left of this you will find Lara's bathroom. The design has changed at bit. There is water in the giant bathtub, but not enough to practise diving. Try walking in it, you can see it's not as easy as running around outside the water. Exit the bedroom on the other side.

Under the Roof

If you run along to the right you will find a locked door. Run to the left instead. At the end you will come to a door with a button. Use the button to open the door. Behind it are stairs. The button inside is for closing the door. Leave it alone. Run up the stairs. You might want to use one of the flares you collected corners are very dark.Press the Flare Button. (Default: PC:","; PSX: hold R1, then press select) At the top you will find a couple of crates. The first one on the right can be moved. But leave it alone for now. If you look out of the window on the left you can see the balcony of your bedroom. If you like to you can try climbing on the crates. Step towards the crate and then press action and forward to climb up. Run back down. Leave the door open.

Music Room and Library

Run further along. The first door on the left is open. The second one is closed. Step through the open door. This is Lara's music and TV room. Run up the stairs to come to the library. There is a fire burning in the oven. The second book rack on the right wall contains a book which looks very different from the others. Turn it. Press the action button to move the object. In most cases you have to use the action button, very simple. The fire will go out.

Chimney and Cellar - getting the Race Track Key

Step inside the chimney. On the left you can see black markings on the wall. These are gaps where Lara can climb up. Stand close with your face against the wall. Then climb up. Press the action button and up. Hold the action button till you have reached the top. Climb out to the right. When you have reached the top, hold the action button for a while longer and press right. When Lara won't go any further you can let go to drop onto the walkway there. Follow the path and climb down on the other side. Follow the stairs down. On your left you will find a crate ad up on your right is a lever. Pull the crate to the side once. Step towards the crate and press action while standing in front of it in the middle. Then push back once. Pick up the flares which lay underneath the crate. Then climb up onto the upper walkway. Go towards the wall and press up and action. Pull out the second crate - this is the one you found under the roof - twice. Then push it over to the left. (If you haven't done so yet go and open the door at the bottom of the stairs leading down from under the roof.) Pull the lever. Like with switches press the action button while standing in front. This will operate a timed door in the hallway below. Turn around quickly by making a roll. Press the roll button (Default: PC: End or up and down at once; PSX: Circle) Run out of the chamber to the right and down the stairs on the left. Below turn right and jump early to get over the railing. Press the jump button while pressing forward. (Default: PC: Alt; PSX: Square) Jump over the railing on the right, make a roll and sprint into the other direction. Use the sprint button. This will only work if you are already running - pressing forward. (Default: PC:-; PSX: R2) Run through the open door on the right.

You are now inside the secret chamber. Pick up the flares. The button on the right wall operates the door. Run down the stairs. Follow the passage to the right. Turn left. If you have explored the Tomb Raider II Mansion you might recognise this room. There are now giant fish tanks. There is also a couch and a bookshelf. Very relaxing atmosphere to read. In the front part is a crate. Look up. Press the Look Button, and the directions to have a look around. (Default: PC: 0/Insert on Number Pad; PSX: L1) Pull the crate underneath the opening. You can also push it. Instead of action and down press action and up. This is once away from the left fish tank and once into the room. Then climb onto it. Press jump and then action so that Lara will climb up instead of moving the crate. Stand on the edge facing the left fish tank. To reach the edge press the Walk Button and the directions. (Default: PC: Shift; PSX: R1) Jump straight up. Press only the jump button. And grab the ledge of the passage. Action button. Pull up. Press up before you release the action button. Follow the passage and jump into the fish tank. Just run into the opening. Lara has to dive. Normally when in a pool you have to press jump to start diving. Use left and right to steer. If you want to dive forward press Jump. Use up and down for diving up and down. The Roll Button will also work under water. Have you noticed the blue energy bar in the upper right corner of your screen? This is the air in your lungs. When the bar has reached it's end. Your health bar will appear and it will run down rapidly. Don't wait till then. You can reach the surface by pressing jump and up, and if necessary the direction where the air hole is. Practice this before going any further. Dive around the fish tank. On the opposite side you can find a key lying on the ground in front of the window. Pick it up. Dive very close and press the action button. Swim back to the air hole and climb out again. Dive up to the surface. Swim over to the platform. Use the directional buttons for swimming. Press forward and the action button. Climb out on the other side. Turn around. The edge is now behind you. Press back to jump back and immediately press the action button to hold on to the ledge. Let go to safely drop onto the platform below. Run back up the stairs and open the door with the switch on the left wall. Step outside.


If you now turn right you will come to the gym. I leave this part to you, as Lara herself is giving you instructions on what to do. At the right end of the gym is a door leading to the swimming pool. Here you can practise some more swimming and diving. And of course the swandive. Stand close to the edge of the pool. If you now press Jump and Up Lara will jump into the water. If you press Walk Button with this Lara will dive into the water head first. Press the button behind the diving board. This will open another door on the main hall.

Trophy Room

Cross the gym and turn left to return to the main hall. Run over to the right. This is where the door has opened. Step into the alcove and use the switch. This will open a timed door behind you. Make a roll and quickly sprint to the opposite side. Make sure you press forward before you press the sprint button. You might have noticed you have got an energy bar for sprinting as well. At the end of your energy bar press jump to make a dive. This is one way to get into the chamber under the closing door. Another one is make a roll when you are close. This is Lara's Trophy Room. There is the head of a T-Rex on the wall. You can see the Dagger of Xian from Tomb Raider II. The Iris from Tomb Raider V, first seen in Tomb Raider IV. The Scion from Tomb Raider I and a golden Mask. Press the button left of the door twice to open the door and get back out.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Now run along the left hallway. On the left you can step into the kitchen. In the left corner you will find a giant freezer. The switch opens the door, so you can have a look inside. At the other end of the kitchen you can find two closed doors. One leads to the dining room, the other one out into the garden. Step back out into the hall and turn left to come to the dining room. There is a button right next to the stereo. It turns on some music.

The Garden

Run toward the main door in the hall. On the right is a button which opens the door. On your right is a closed gate. In front is the main gate. If you open it by pressing the button your adventure begins. Turn left. There is another gate with a lock on the side. This is the race track. You have the key for it. Turn left and run along the hedge. Follow the passage. At the end you will come to an outdoor assault course. You should try and figure this out yourself. However a little hint cannot hurt. If you press left or right while pressing jump Lara will ma a sideflip. This works very well at the pillars after the ladder. At the end of the assault course you will come to a place where you have to crawl. There you will find your guns. By finishing the assault course you will open the gate leading back to the house.

Race Track

Now it's time to explore the Race Track. Open the gate with the key from the fish tank. Climb onto the quad bike. Press the action button to drive forwards, if you want to go backwards press jump. Press Roll and left/right to leave the quad bike. Explore the area on your own. Behind the finish line is an opening in the wall through which you can get down to the lower part of the racetrack on foot.

On the Roof

A little trick, the corner bug will enable you to get onto the roof of the house. Climb onto the tower where the slide starts, that's in front of the kitchen window.
  1. Position Lara at the edge, facing outwards into the corner.
  2. Jump straight up. If you've done it correctly Lara's leg and arm will look as if inside the "stone". (Picture)
  3. Keep jumping till Lara lands on the "roof"
Depending on which side you tried it you will either end up on an invisible platform or on a red one. Get onto the red one. Aim exactly for the corner of the roof and take a running jump there. Do not try to grab and ledge.

Getting back down:
You have to explore a bit to figure out where you are. There are a couple of possibilities to get back down:
  1. Jump back onto the red block at the tower with the slide.
  2. Find the front side of the house. Drop onto the roof above the entrance and slide down on either side. Slow the fall by grabbing the ledge and letting go.
  3. Find the highest chimney. Behind you can see the roof of the pool. Find the lowest part of the roof and from there drop down onto the swimming pool. You will lose a lot of energy. From the roof of the pool you can overlook the race track. You can also jump onto the hedge. From up there you'll get a very nice view of the area in front of the house.

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