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India is mainly a jungle location with some temples to explore and the river Ganges to cross. You cannot swim in the river, however there are a couple of smaller currents and some pools where you will be able to swim and dive. Some parts of the third level have to be explored with the quad bike. In the jungle you will encounter tigers, monkeys (which are harmless in the first level but will attack in the second), cobras (they will poison you and you have to use a medipack to heal the wound), piranhas (which are waiting for you in some parts of the river), vultures and Shiva statues which come to live. The traps that await you are mud (if you get stuck in there you will drown), spikes, spike walls, boulders, falling rocks, fire emitters, currents and gaps you have to jump over. Your task is to get the Infada Stone. At the campsite after the first level you will encounter Tony, he will tell you some strange stuff. You will encounter him after the second level again, he will attack you. After you have fought Tony for the Infada Stone you will encounter Dr. Willard, who will tell you more about the Infada stone. He will send you on a journey to recover three more artefacts hidden at different places around the globe. One in hidden in Area 51 - Nevada, a second in London in the hands of Miss Sofia Leigh and the third in the South Pacific.


You will start this level in the desert of Nevada and finish it in Area 51. These two areas are completely different from one another. The first level plays mainly outdoors and it's very bright, but the second and third level are inside compounds, it's very dark and unfriendly. After the first level Lara is captured and brought into a high security compound from where she has to escape. With the help of some fellow prisoners she has to stay alive in a compound filled with guards, without her weapons. After regaining the weapons you have to find a truck heading for area 51 and hide aboard. In Area 51 you have to find a way to enter the hangar and get into the UFO parked inside. In the desert you have to fight snakes and vultures. There are also some workers to overcome. In the high security compound and in Area51 you have to fight guards and dogs. The traps you have to overcome are barbed wire, fire emitters, machine gun turrets, lasers, there is a lot of climbing to do, some diving. Mainly you have to find triggers to be able to continue. Some parts are timed and you have to hurry. The most difficult part will be staying alive without guns.

Unlike Lara's first two adventures, the game play in Tomb Raider III is non-linear, both in the style of play within the levels and in the order in which you choose to play the levels.

Tomb Raider III contains 5 separate worlds which link together. After completing the first adventure, the following three may be played in any order, before the fifth level brings the game to its conclusion.

India is the first location, after completing this level, the player can choose any of the three mid-game areas: Area 51, South Pacific or London and play them in any order, gaining certain advantages or disadvantages depending on the levels they chose to play first. The game concludes with Antarctica.

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