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India - 4. Caves of Kaliya

(Tomb Raider III - Adventures of Lara Croft - Walkthrough Version 2.0 April 03)

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Here you can see two different ways to get out of the maze. You should have a look at the Pictures of the Maze, every passage and goodie is listed there.

Caves of Kaliya - shortest way (Path 1):

Turn left. (also see pictures of maze) Turn right. Turn left again.

Run into the right passage in the back. Drop into the opening. Collect the flares. Climb back up. And get out to the left.

Turn right at the next corner. Crawl into the passage. Crawl left. Collect the Uzi-Ammo on the right. Now drop into the hole on the other side. (Pit 2) Turn left twice. Crawl into the passage on the right. Leave the crawlspace to the left. Turn right, at the end turn right again. Turn right once more and follow the passage to a deep pit. (the snake pit). There you'll find a crystal and some flares.

or: Caves of Kaliya - longer path, all Goodies (Path 2):

Turn left from the start. Turn right, then left again. Enter the passage at the back. Drop into the pit. Collect the flares. Climb back up and leave it to the left. Turn right at the next corner. Crawl into the alcove. Crawl left. Collect the Uzi-Ammo on the right. Turn around and crawl back into the passage on the left. Crawl ahead. Turn left at the end. Turn right to get back into that passage. Follow it to the end.

(If you don't want to collect the flares and the Uzi-ammo you can turn right from the start.) Crawl into the passage there. (see also pictures of the maze) Slide down the hill. A boulder is coming down behind you. Make a backsault over it, when it's close. (This is a good spot to save your game as this was not the last boulder.) Turn around the corner on the left. You will soon hear the boulder coming down. Turn around quickly and step into the alcove on the left. After the boulder went past, follow the passage further on. (map of that area) Crawl into the passage.

At the top turn right. And follow the passage on the right. Collect the Ammo. Run back. Now turn left at the first crossing. And right at the second.

(If you don't want to collect the goodies, turn right, then left.) Turn left and then right, till you come to the elevation on the floor. There turn right and push the block once. Turn into the cleared passage on the left. Turn right at the next corner. Follow the path to the next pit. (Pit 3) Run down the stairs and climb out of the next pit. (Pit 4) Follow the path. Crawl into the next passage. Turn left and then right. Drop into the next passage and follow it to a chamber with a deep pit. (snake pit) Collect the crystal and the flares.

continue: Snake Pit:

Drop carefully into the snake pit. As soon as you're down draw your weapons. You are surrounded by 4 snakes. They wont move towards you but they can reach far, so they might bite you. (A medipack will heal the wound. Make sure all snakes are dead before you take a medipack, otherwise you might waste them.) Light a flare. Now step towards one of the ramps. This will wake the cobra behind. Shoot it. Now step between the two sloped blocks. A boulder behind Lara will be triggered. Jump over to where the cobra was and stay there till it's save. Now shoot the remaining 5 cobras. Then run into the passage.

The Boss:

Crawl into the alcove on the right and follow the passage. Climb down at the end. Collect the small medipack and the crystal. Slide down. Run towards the right edge, facing the bossy. (As soon as he's send the first bolt in your direction the water is on fire.) Draw your weapons. Jump sideways and back while shooting at the boss. Repeat this till he dies. This will not take very long not even with the normal guns.

Goodies and Artefact:

Make a running jump to the platform on the left. Collect the small medipack there. Continue to the platform at the back. Collect the grenade launcher. Continue to the platform on the right, where you'll find some grenades. Now make a running jump to the platform in the middle and pick up the artefact.

Gaming Time: 15 to 20 Minutes
Weapons: Grenade Launcher
Secrets: NONE

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