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Tomb Raider III -> Jungle

Expert's Challenge: Jungle

I encountered these bugs when revising the walkthrough and was looking for all remaining goodies.

Like in Thames Wharf you can use a shortcut to finish the level earlier, in this case in under 3 Minutes.

  • Jungle 1 - Short cutting at the third Secret

    I have found a way to jump all the way to the end of the level. (I have encountered this on the Playstation, but it's also working on the PC, where I made those screenshots.)

    That's how it works:
    Get to the place where you've collected the 3rd Secret. In the left corner, when facing the swamp, the floor is covered with leaves. Walk along and to the right to come to the green ramp. Try to make a running jump past it to the right. (1st Picture) While in the air press left to reach the slope behind it. You will slide down. Grab the ledge and then shimmy right. (2nd Picture) (Lara might refuse to shimmy at first but she will do so eventually.) At the end you can pull up onto the platform.

    Jungle   Jungle

    Walk carefully over the invisible squares at the back and from the end make a running jump towards the next tree. Climb along to the end and drop down onto the walkway.


    On the right you can climb up to the temple roof. There you will find a key at the back. A monkey tries do steal it. Kill the monkey if necessary. Then return to the edge and shoot the tiger below. Drop down and jump over to the key hole. Use the key and step through the open door to finish the level.

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