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Expert's Challenge

Welcome to the Tomb Raider III Expert's Challenge section. Here you find a general hint on bugs and some detailed descriptions on how to use the bugs to finish levels earlier or to explore other areas of the game.

General Bugs

Corner Bug:
  1. Position Lara at the edge, facing outwards into the corner.
  2. Jump straight up. If you've done it correctly Lara's leg and arm will look as if inside the wall. (Picture)
  3. Keep jumping straight up till Lara lands on the "roof"

Training - On the Roof

In the Training Level you can get onto the Mansion's Roof. Here you can learn how to do that.

India - Jungle

In the first Level of Tomb Raider III you can use a shortcut to get to the end of the level right away. This path leads from the 3rd Secret right to the keyhole at the end. You can also pick up the key from the temple roof.

London - Thames Wharf

A very famous spot for bugs is London. (Only referring to the Levels of course. ;-)) There are a couple of ways to finish the level earlier. Read this section to learn how.

Walkthrough Copyright Information:
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