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Tomb Raider II - Moves and Tips


Running: Using the directional buttons will make Lara run forward, jump back or turn left or right.
Walking: If you want Lara to stop at a ledge or walk safely through glass or spikes you have to hold down the walk button in addition to the directional button.
Jumping: Holding down the jump button in addition to the directions will make Lara jump in the given direction, eventually by doing a somersault. (sideways or backwards)
Running Jump: If you want to make a running jump you should go to the ledge, jump back once and start running forward. Now press the jump button while still running. Lara will jump at the edge. Eventually hold down the action button to grab the ledge.
Somersault and Turning in Mid Air: Press the jump button. Let it go and press the roll button. Now eventually press action to grab a ledge. You can do this to grab a ladder behind you.
Climbing: To make Lara climb a ladder or a wall press the action button, eventually jump.
Levers, switches and pick ups: To get Lara to use a trigger or pick up an item press the action button while standing before or above it.
Shooting: Draw weapons with the assigned button and then push action to star shooting when Lara is aiming.
180 Degree Turn: There's a special button for this as well. Very useful especially in combat.
Looking around: Press the look button and use the arrows to look into any direction.
Swimming: Left and right will make Lara turn. Side-step will make her swim sideways. Up will make her swim. Down will make her pull back.
Diving: If you want Lara to dive you have to push the jump button. Up will make her dive down and down will make her dive up. Use the roll button to turn around under water.
Flare: By pushing the assigned button Lara will light a flare so that you can see through the darkness.
Swan Dive: If you jump forward and additionally press the walk button Lara will make a swan dive.
Hand Stand: If Lara is hanging from a ledge pull yourself up while holding down the walk button. (PSX: R1; PC: shift)
Motor Boat: Use the directional buttons to stir the boat. To speed the boat up press the action button. If Lara hits a wall at full speed she'll lose some energy.
Red Snow Mobile: Use the directional buttons to stir the snowmobile. Hit Action to speed it up. Again if hitting something you'll lose energy.
Black Snow Mobile: Use the directional buttons to stir the snowmobile. Hit Action to shoot at everything before you.


Broken Glass: If you walk through the glass it can't harm you, avoid jumping and running. Running won't kill Lara but hurt her, jumping will kill her.
Saving: In general I would recommend to save before and after every difficult action as well as at regular intervals.
Jumps: I recommend to save and then try to do a running jump with grabbing the ledge. (Unless you're certain what to do.) If Lara jump to far, try a standing jump. If she couldn't reach the ledge try it again without grabbing. If that won't work she can't do it.

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