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Lara's Home

Assault Course

Lara's Training Level starts in front of the training course, those who have played TR1 or 3 should know it already.

My record for now is: 1:37.0. Tell me yours!

Going through it is not very interesting. It's very useful for the development of your skills. So I'll skip that and leave it to you.

At the end of the course you can go through an archway to get to the front side of the house.

Inside the house

Press the button on the left wall to open the door.


Both passages lead into a big living room. In the right passage on the right side you can see a closed door. The trigger for it is in the maze.

On the left you'll find the kitchen. In the left part of the kitchen you'll find a button for the freezer. The door leading to the garden opens automatically when approached. You'll find the middle part of the course there.

In the living room you'll find another button.

If you leave the living room to the right you'll come to Lara's Indoor Pool. Here you can practise swimming and diving.

Now run up the stairs in the entrance hall.


At the top of the stairs turn left. The door leads into Lara's Bedroom. Behind the bed you'll find a locked chamber. The other room is the bathroom.

Now get back into the entrance hall and run past the stairs. Enter the first door on the left. (You have to climb up.) Run up the stairs to the left. You'll end up under the roof.

Get back down and follow the hallway to the next room. This is the music room. If you run up the steps on the left you'll come to the library.


The Maze and Treasure Room

In the garden of Lara's Mansion you'll find a maze. The goal is to find a button which will open a door inside the Mansion.

First you should make sure the main door is open.
- Press the button next to the door.

Then you should get into the maze and find the underground passage to a secret area.

Pick up the flares. (Or you might not enjoy the secret room in the mansion.)

Press the button there.

Now you have to quickly return to the mansion.
- Make a roll while the video is still running and run forward. Jump into the hole and follow the passage out.
- Take the shortest way back. (take a look at the picture)
Enter the Mansion and run through the open door in the right passage.

If you want to get out again you have to press the button next to the door twice!

Corner Bug

Behind the Gate

In Tomb Raider II you can also use the corner bug to reach parts you couldn't reach normally.

In the course, by the slide, you can use the corner bug to get onto the top of the pillar. From there you can make a standing jump onto the wall. And run along.

Run over to the left to come to the front side of the mansion. There you can jump behind the front gate.

If you want to get back inside, position at the outside of the left pillar. (Picture) There you can use the corner bug again.

More about the Corner Bug

Onto the Roof

The place where you can get onto the roof of the mansion easily is at the front side. Run over into the right corner, the one close to the maze. There you can use the corner bug to get on top of the mansion in one go. The roof is a very big area. In one corner you can see a chimney covered with the red stones. Nearby is the balcony of Lara's bedroom.

Roof of the Indoor Pool

To reach the roof of the indoor pool it's easiest if you do the corner jump to get onto the wall and follow it to the right. From there you can jump onto the pool. You can also try it from the mansion roof, but this might end deadly.


From the mansion roof you can get down onto the bedroom balcony. Just lower yourself backwards onto it.

These screenshots can be clicked to see a 640*480 Version:

Treasure Chamber

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