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Tomb Raider II

The Tomb Raider II section is undergoing a full revision. You are currently viewing the archived version and may encounter errors (missing images and such). These issues don't need reporting, as they will be fixed in the revised version. Thank you for your patience.

Walkthrough Version 2.0 (enhanced version with pictures) October 2004

1. The Great Wall

2. Venice
3. Bartoli's Hideout
4. Opera House

5. Offshore Rig
6. Diving Area

7. 40 Fathoms
8. Wreck of the Maria Doria
9. Living Quarters
10. The Deck
11. Tibetan Foothills
12. Barkhang Monastary
13. Catacombs of the Talion
14. Ice Palace

15. Temple of Xian
16. Floating Islands
17. The Dragon's Lair

18. Home Sweet Home

Thanks to Jan for not knowing the words I've asked during translation ;-), and for showing me where beginners get stuck.

NEW: The Mansion. Hints for Lara's Mansion. "How do I get into the secret room?"

More Information

Cheats (for PC and PlayStation)
Savegames (Level 1-6)

Weapons & Opponents contains everything about Lara's equipment, the things she will find, the weapons and the opponents.

If you need just a little hint what to do next then please refer to my Short-Walkthrough!

Moves | Story | Locations | Training

Technical Issues

If you are having trouble with any of the games:
  • Download the latest drivers for your video/sound cards
  • Install the Direct X Version that came with the game you are having trouble with, or the latest Version.
  • Start the Game from the Windows Menu only not from CD.
  • If nothing helps get a "new" PC ;-)

Walkthrough Copyright Information:
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