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Pistols (from the beginning):
Lara has unlimited ammo for the Pistols and will always carry them as pairs. They are not very effective but most of the opponents can be killed with them, especially if you run around a lot and circle your opponents they will suffice most of the time.

Shotgun since (Lost Valley):
The shotgun is a good weapon if fighting lions, bears or the alien creatures in Atlantis. The Shotgun Shells are very limited. Also very effective against the giant alien in the last level.

Magnums since (Colosseum):
The magnums are much more effective than the normal pistols. The Magnum Clips are limited. You shouldn't waste ammo on bats/crocodiles that cannot reach you... But they are very useful fighting Pierre, Larson, mummies or the aliens in Atlantis.

Uzis since (Sanctuary of the Scion):
The Uzis are much better than the normal pistols or the magnums. Uzi Clips are limited. Best used against tougher creatures. The mummies and aliens in Egypt and Atlantis. Also very effective against the giant alien in the last level.

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