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2. City of Vilcabamba

(Tomb Raider I Walkthrough Version 3.0, Oct 04)

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Wolves and Bats

Draw your weapons and enter the next part of the cave. Shoot the four wolves attacking you there. Run into the long broad passage ahead and shoot another wolf in the cave at the end. Run into the passage at the back on the left and shoot the three bats attacking you. Follow the passage further, ignoring the passage on the left. In a corner with some greenery, another wolf will attack. Kill him. Then collect a small medipack.

Gold Idol and Silver Key

Run into the passage on the left, turn left at the next crossing and use the lever next to the closed door on the left wall. The door opens. Step inside and run up the stairs. At the top step out into the window. Make a running jump to the opposite window. Run over the collapsing floor and jump to get towards the large medipack. Now drop onto the floor. In the wall underneath the platform is a movable crate. Push it forwards. In the chamber behind, a bat will attack you. Kill it. Then run into the part at the back. In the right part is an alcove with skull-textures. Pick up the gold idol lying there. On the left side is an alcove with a silver key. Now use the crate to get up onto the higher level. Shoot the two bats. PlayStation users can save here, by using the save crystal. Run towards the window, but before exiting pick up the large medipack on the left. Now leave the room through the window and shoot the two bats.

Bear and Pool

(If you now run into the passage at the back and turn right to run up the stairs, you will meet five bats. But there is nothing else. If you turn left you come back to the exit.) Run towards the big open chamber in the middle. In front of you is a pool and on the right is a chamber where a bear lives. If you enter, you will soon meet the bear. Kill him. Then climb onto the higher level of the hut. You might want to kill the bear from up here. In the right corner is a small medipack.

Secret 1:
Exit the room and go towards the pool. Jump into the water and dive into the tunnel. Turn right. Dive up the passage. Turn left and use the lever on the left wall. A door in another room will open. Dive down the tunnel again. This time follow the path ahead. Turn left. Climb out of the water and enter the chamber in the far right corner. Pick up the Magnum Clips and the small medipack. Jump back into the water and dive into the tunnel again.

Secret 2:
Dive up the passage again. Now dive into the right corner. There is a lever on the wall. Use it and dive up into the opening overhead. Climb out. Pick up the small medipack. Now use the lever and exit through the open door.

Turn left and run into the wide passage there. There is a door with a lock. Use the silver key to open it.

The Left Door

Run quickly through the next passage, as there are some dart emitters. Shoot the five wolves on your way towards the stairs. Enter the left passage. Run up the stairs. At the top turn left. From the edge, make a standing jump towards the platform. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Make a running jump towards the platform with the doorway on the right. Enter the passage. Run up the stairs. At the top, shoot another bat. In front of you is a gap. Make a running jump to get towards the other side. Follow the stairs further up. Shoot another bat and pick up the small medipack. Then pull the lever to open the right door. Step out onto the balcony. Hang from the ledge and shimmy right. Let go. Pick up the shotgun shells. Hang from the ledge and drop onto the red roof. Pick up the small medipack. Drop down to the floor.

The Right Door

Now step through the right door. Enter the chamber with the pool. Go along the left walkway. Stand two squares away from the wall, underneath the ledge of the platform above. Jump up and press action. (If Lara won't grab the ledge, repeat this till she does so. Press forward after pressing jump so that Lara will move forward a bit while trying to grab the ledge.) Pull up onto that platform. Walk forward till you reach the lose platform. Jump up and grab the ledge of the next platform overhead. Pull up. Make a 180 degree turn, jump straight up and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Shoot the bat and run up the stairs. Use the lever in the next chamber to open the middle door. Then step out and save at the crystal. Hang from the ledge, shimmy to the left and let go. Hang from the next ledge and drop onto the red roof. Again, drop to the ground.

The Middle Door

This time enter the door in the middle. In the passage, you'll meet a couple of swinging blades. Step close and then run past when the path is clear. It's best if you stand on the side of the passage not in the middle. Repeat this three times. In the room at the end is a closed door and a lever on the right. Use the lever. You will drop through a trapdoor in the floor. Dive into the passage ahead and up on the other side. In that room, you can see a bear running around. Dive down again and into the little tunnel. Follow it to another basin. Climb out of the water and run up the stairs. At the top, flip the switch to open a gate in the room with the bear. Step out onto the balcony. The chamber with the pool and the bear is underneath you. You might be able to shoot the bear from up here. Jump down into the pool and climb out of the water. On both ends is an open gate. The dark one leads back to the swinging blades, the light one is the one you just opened.

Secret 3:
Run between the columns left of the lighter gate. In the right corner, you'll find stairs leading up. Follow them. At the top, turn right. Run into the first alcove on the right. On the left is a hidden passage. Drop into the pit. Collect the Uzi Ammo. Then climb back up. You can use the switch to stop the blades but that won't get you anything. Run through the columns and jump down into the pool again. Swim towards the shore and climb out.

Use the gold idol on the wall next to the opened gate. Step through the door to finish the level.

Number of Secrets: 3
Pickups: 11 (6 small medipacks, 2 large medipacks, Magnum Ammo, Uzi Ammo, Shotgun Shells)
Kills: 29
Time Taken: approx. 25 Minutes

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