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Tomb Raider I Story

Adventurer Lara Croft has been hired to recover the pieces of an ancient artefact known as the Scion. With her fearless acrobatic style she runs, jumps, and swims her way toward the truth of it's origins and powers - leaving only a trail of empty tombs and gun-cartridges in her wake. On this trail are the most breath-taking 3D worlds yet seen - where exploration, puzzle and platform elements blend in a seamless real-time environment.


Lara Croft has just returned from a hunting trip in the Himalayas where, having bagged a 12-foot tall yeti, she's itching for a new challenge. While enjoying a little R & R, she's contacted by Jacqueline Natla, a conniving business woman who convinces Lara to recover a mysterious artifact from the tomb of Qualopec in Peru.

Wasting no time, Lara sets out on her quest to find one of the three pieces of the ancient Atlantean Scion, a talisman of incredible power. After discovering the fragment things get ugly, Lara finds herself face to face with one of Natla's hired goons. Using her cunning wits and athletic strength, Lara escapes!

As she delves into the reasons why Natla would double cross her, she uncovers a mystery that reaches back before the dawn of recorded time to the treachery that destroyed the Atlantean civilization and the disasters that struck the world when it fell.

Enter the Tomb Raider world in 15 massive 3D environments within four lost civilizations:

Vilcabamba... A civilization that flourished for hundreds of years in the Peruvian rainforests of South America. Guide Lara through the lost Incan city while battling wolves, bats, bears, raptors, and more.

Labyrinth... The Golden Age of Greece, and later Rome. Here Lara battles lions, alligators, crazed monkeys and more as she explores ruins of this ancient civilization.

Egyptian... Where the vast power of Egypt rose with the pyramids. Explore buried pyramids and a hidden sphinx while fighting pumas, crocodiles, and some surprising mystical monsters.

Atlantean... The pyramid of Atlantis where the mystery unfolds. Play and see!!!


Lara Croft, daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, was raised to be an aristocrat from birth. After attending finishing school at the age of 21, Lara's marriage into wealth has seem assured, but on her way home from a skiing trip her chartered plane had crashed deep in the heart of the Himalayas. The only survivor, Lara learned how to depend on her wits to stay alive in hostile conditions a world away from her sheltered upbringing. 2 weeks later, when she walked into the village of Tokakeriby her experience had had a profound effect on her. Unable to stand the claustrophobic suffocating atmosphere of upper-class British society, she realised that she was only truly alive when she was travelling alone. Over the 8 following years she acquired an intimate knowledge of ancient civilisations across the globe. Her family disowned their prodigal daughter, and she turned to writing to fund her trips. Famed for discovering several ancient sites of profound archaeological interest she made a name for herself by publishing travel books and detailed journals of her exploits.

Tomb Raider Main Story

The Story begins

1945 - Los Alamos, New Mexico
A snake crawls along the floor, when suddenly, in the background, a nuclear explosion goes off and a flying-saucer-like disc is catapulted upwards and lands somewhere nearby. In the process a stasis chamber which is still inside the crater and has the same design as the disc, is damaged and releases it's precious cargo, one of the Atlantean rulers as can be distinguished by the hat the person, which can be identified as female, is wearing...

1996 - Imperial Hotel, Calcutta, present day
Lara sits on a red sofa by the fireplace in the Lobby of the Imperial Hotel in Calcutta, India, reading a magazine when a man in bluejeans, a red shirt and a brown vest approaches her.

Larson: What's a man gotta do to get that kind of attention from ya?

While he is saying these lines, he places another magazin, the "Adventurer!" on the table, written on it are the words 'Lara stamps out Bigfoot'.

Lara: It's hard to say exactly, but you seem to be doing fine.

...to be continued...

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