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Lara's Moves

Please refer to the booklet of your game, if you are having trouble to find the controls. (Some versions of the game might not have a printed booklet, in this case you will be able to find a pdf file on the CD.)

MovePlayStation PCRemark
InventorySelectESCPress this button once and you will get to the inventory screen. Navigate using the directional buttons. Leave by pressing button again.
RunningUpUp(This is one of the directional buttons.) Will also be used for jumping, climbing, shimmying and even swimming.
hop backdowndown(This is one of the directional buttons.) Lara will hop backwards the length of one block; enough for a Running Jump.
TurnLeft/RightLeft/Right(This is one of the directional buttons.) Can be used while standing or running.
WalkR1ShiftUse the Directional Buttons (up, down, left, right), to walk in the desired direction.
The walk-button is also needed for the Handstand and the Swandive.

L2 R2
Delete (left)
Page Down (right)

Lara will make a sidestep when you press one of these buttons.
Look AroundL10 (numeric pad)Additionally use the Directional Buttons.
RollCircleEndLara makes a roll, a 180 degree turn. Does not work under water in TRI.

Special- and Combo-Moves

  • Running Jump
    If you want to make a running jump you should walk to the ledge, hop back once and start running forward. Now press the jump button while still running. Lara will jump at the edge. You might want to hold down the action button to grab a ledge.

  • Climbing
    To make Lara climb up a rock or a crate, press and hold the action button, then press the direction. You can first jump straight up, if you want, might make it easier

  • Swimming/Diving
    Left and right will make Lara turn while on the surface. Side-step will make her swim sideways. Press up to swim forwards, press down to stroke backwards. To dive down, press the jump button, use up to dive down and down to dive to the surface .

  • Handstand
    Press the Walk Button, while pressing Action and Up, when pulling up on a ledge.

  • Swan Dive
    Press the Walk Button, while pressing Jump and Up, to make a Swan Dive. This can be done on an even surface, where Lara will simply make a dive-roll or into a water pool.


  • Fighting
    If Lara is attacked start jumping around while shooting at the opponent. Run past the opponent and make a roll to shoot at his back. If he turns around repeat this. Never stop shooting till he's dead.

  • T-Rex
    If you're fighting the T-Rex try to hide in a tunnel and shoot him from there.

  • Climbing down (safety drop)
    If you want to climb down somewhere and you don't know how far it is to the ground, always hang backwards from a ledge and then let go; never jump.

Walking: If you want Lara to stop at a ledge or walk safely through glass or spikes you have to hold down the walk button in addition to the directional button.

Jumping: Holding down the jump button in addition to the directions will make Lara jump in the given direction, eventually by doing a somersault. (sideways or backwards)

Levers, switches and pick ups: To get Lara to use a trigger or pick up an item press the action button while standing before or above it.
Shooting: Draw weapons with the assigned button and then push action to star shooting when Lara is aiming.
180 Degree Turn: There's a special button for this as well. Very useful especially in combat.
Looking around: There is also a button for looking around. Use the directional button in addition to look at something.

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