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3. Lost Valley

(Tomb Raider I Walkthrough Version 2.0)

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Getting into the Valley

Follow the passage out. Turn right and run down towards the valley. (Alternatively jump into the river and let yourself be taken down the waterfall.) Shoot the wolves before you reach ground level. Opposite the waterfall is a cave mouth. Climb in. Close to the ramp, you will encounter another wolf. Follow the path. In front of you is a snow covered wall. There you can climb up. If you make a short detour to the right, you can shoot three more wolves. Jump up at the snow-covered pillar and grab the ledge. Climb up. At the top, you will find a dead adventurer who has lost a large medipack. Pick it up. Then slide down on the other side to come to the lost valley.

The Valley

When you step around the first corner, you will be greeted by a Raptor. Kill it. If necessary climb back onto the rock formation. Run forwards till another Raptor appears. Kill it as well. Run further along, till you notice a broken bridge overhead. Step forwards till you can hear the music. Soon the ground will be shaking and a huge T-Rex appears. Kill it while jumping back and to the sides. Careful it will try to bite your head of. Do not get caught in corners. After he is killed, run further into the valley.

The 1st Machine Cog

Ahead is a double waterfall. Jump into the pool at their foot. Climb out and quickly kill the Raptor. Climb up the blocks and collect the Machine Cog #1. Climb back down. Dive back or follow the passage and climb out.

Secret 1:
Right of the waterfall is an opening in the rocks. Climb in and follow the path to the right. Collect some shotgun ammo. Climb back out.

Secret 2:
Now climb up the block left of the waterfall. Start with the little elevation in front. From there climb up onto the pillar ahead. Jump onto the pillar on the right. At the wall, you can see a gap. Jump up and press action to hold on to it. Shimmy sideways to the right till you reach the waterfall. In the middle, you can pull up. Run into the secret chamber above the waterfall. Enter the passage on the right and collect some Magnum Ammo and some Shotgun Shells. Get back down by jumping into the water. Climb out.

The 2nd Machine Cog

Run towards the giant stone arch. Shoot the two raptors running around in the area behind it. In front of you is the ruin of a little temple.

Secret 3:
On the right wall is a pillar where you can climb up. Turn to face left. Walk forward and position on the left side. Make a standing jump towards the next pillar. Grab the ledge and pull up. Turn slightly left and make a standing jump onto the next pillar. Jump over to the green platform on the left and grab the ledge. Pull up. Make a running jump onto the temple roof. Collect the large medipack, the magnum clips, the uzi clips and some shotgun shells. On the other side of the roof, you can safely drop onto a sloped block. Slide down to the ground.

Enter the temple. Jump into the water. On the right is a stone passage leading down. Collect the Machine Cog #2 at the end. Dive back up. Climb out of the water and save your game at the crystal.

The 3rd Machine Cog

Leave the temple. On the right is a passage in the rocks. Climb in. Follow the passage, you will find another save crystal. (I always leave it for the way back.) Step out at the end of the passage. You are now on the broken bridge. Step towards the edge. Jump back once. Run forward and press jump. Lara will jump at the edge. Grab the ledge of the other part of the bridge. Collect the third Machine Cog #3. Then take a running jump back to the other side. Climb back down and save your game. Climb back out.

The Machine

It's time to leave the valley. Run back to the other end. On the left side you can climb back up to where the skeleton was. Climb down on the other side and leave the cave again. Climb up on the left of the waterfall. Run to the end. Turn right. You have to jump across the river to get to the other side. Make a running jump to get there. On that platform, turn left and make a running jump to the next platform on the other side. Run up the ramp and make a standing jump to the other side. Follow the platform and make another standing jump up to the column on the other side. Grab the ledge and pull up. Follow the passage. You will come to a wooden bridge. Save your game at the crystal. On the opposite wall is a device on which you can use the three cogs. Place them on the brown markers. Pull the lever left of it to use the device. This will redirect the stream.

Secret 4:
Step towards the edge right of the bridge. Turn around and hang from the ledge. Shimmy left. At the end let go to drop onto a platform in the stream. Run up into the corner and pick up the large medipack.


Jump into the water and swim to the left. Climb out on the right side. Pick up the shotgun. Jump back into the water and dive down into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the end and dive up the shaft. Climb out. This is Secret 5. Pick up the two packs of shotgun shells and the small medipack. Then run into the passage. Jump out at the end. You are in the now dry riverbed. Climb back down on the right side of the waterfall. Jump into the water and climb out into the passage, which was hidden behind the waterfall. Follow it through the door.

Number of Secrets: 5
Pickups: 16
Kills: 12
Time Taken: approx. 35 minutes

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