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Lara's Home

(Tomb Raider I Walkthrough Version 2.0)

The Training starts in the Croft library. If you run down the stairs, you come to the music room, where a gym mat has been placed. Here you can practice jumping around.

Through the door you will get to the main hall. At the foot of the stairs are countless crates. Lara explains, that she is currently putting some things into storage. The bedroom, which is on the opposite side of the hall, as we learn later, is inaccessible in this game. Run down the stairs and climb over the crates. The right passage is completely blocked. Climb through the left and you will reach the former ball room which has been converted into a gym. Again, the kitchen, located on the right in later games is locked up. Further to the right you will come to the swimming pool. Jump into the water to practice swimming and diving. When you pull out of the water after your swim, the training session ends.

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