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Tomb Raider I & Unfinished Business

detailed TR I Walkthrough (complete)
detailed UB Walkthrough (incomplete)
Cheats for TR I & UB
Moves for TR I & UB

Tomb Raider II & Golden Mask

detailed TR II Walkthrough (complete)
detailed GM Walkthrough (complete)
Cheats for TR II & GM
Moves for TR II & GM

Tomb Raider III

detailed TR III Walkthrough (complete)
Cheats for TR III
Moves for TR III

The Lost Artifact

detailed LA Walkthrough (complete)

Tomb Raider IV Last Revelation

detailed TR IV Walkthrough (complete)
Times Exclusive Walkthrough
Cheats for TR IV
Moves for TR IV

Tomb Raider V Chronicles

detailed TR V Walkthrough (complete)
Cheats for TR V
Moves for TR V

Tomb Raider Custom Levels

Level Editor Index
Level Installation

The Angel of Darkness

detailed AoD Walkthrough (complete)
Moves in TR VI

Tomb Raider Legend

detailed Legend Walkthrough (complete)

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

(coming June 1st)

Tomb Raider 8 (Legend Continuation)


Gameboy and Mobile

Walkthrough Copyright Information:
© 2000 - 2021 tombraidergirl This walkthrough is not to be copied onto other webpages, printed and used in any other way than for personal use. If there are any errors/typos/missing images, please report them in our forum, or if you have any suggestions please contact me. If you need help use the forum. The TR I & II Walkthroughs are based on the UK PSX version and the others are based on the German PC version.