Tuesday, 26. January 2021    

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First of all my thanks goes to Eidos and Core Design, without which there would not be a Tomb Raider, and of course Crystal Dynamics, who have resurrected Tomb Raider when it was down.

Furthermore I'd like to thank janjan who has contributed a lot to the making of this site. Without him I would not have been able to create the interactive pages.

I also thank our Moderation Team (152er, ~Cobra~, enymisc, Sigi69, survivor, Sweet) for their good work on the forums and more.

Then I'd like to thank the large number of fans who have contributed to WikiRaider, with Fan Fictions, Artwork, Images, News and more.

  • Heiko Heerlein for images of the Tomb Raider Actionfigures
  • Seve for reporting missing items (in Tomb Raider)
  • Jörg Heun & Tom from Canada for reporting missing items (in Tomb Raider III)
  • cyody for images for the AoD Walkthrough
  • Jenny for helping with the background story (Tomb Raider IV)
  • soulofimmortal for helping with the background story (Tomb Raider II)
  • BufferUnderrun for helping with the biography and Lara references
  • Stefan P. for suggestiongs for the Anniversary Walkthrough.

Further I'd like to thank all of those who reported dead links, missing items, missing images and more.