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Help with this Website

This help file is still under construction. You can help by asking clear questions about the systems via email.

User Accounts

The three accounts on tombraidergirl
Due to technical reasons you can have up to three accounts if you want to use this site to its ull extend. These are:

Please, if you register for more than one part of the site, use the same nickname if possible.

Do I need to sign up?
No, you don't, unless you want to submit fanfictions, artworks, lookalike images or news. Plus you will be able to use a lot of features as registered member.

Site Information

Cookies and why they are useful
To use our community pages to full extend, you have to be logged in. To stay logged in, you have to have cookies enabled.

Cookies in Firefox 2.0: Click on Tools, Options, Privacy.
You have to check "accept cookies from sites" or at least allow (click on "Exceptions", enter in the text field and click "allow".

What are the Walkthrough Versions
In almost all the walkthroughs you will find a walkthrough version (e.g. 1.0, 2.0...) these indicate how often the walkthrough has been revised. Generally 1.0 is the original version, 1.1, 1.2 indicates, that there have been minor changes (spellcheck, added goodies...) 2.0 indicates that there have been significant changes (graphics have been added, whole sections have been altered...)

What is Expert's Challenge?
The name expert's challenge has been first used on (a site which has gone off the net a while ago) and in the newsgroup (short a.g.t.). It describes a part of the game which only experienced raiders can reach by using bugs and cheat codes.
If there is an expert's challenge for a certain level, you can find a description at "levelname"bugs.php (e.g. junglebugs.php)

How to use Winrar - how to unpack savegames.
All savegame files on this website have been zipped using winrar. You will have to download winrar to use them. You can download it here: If you are having trouble: read the winrar manual! I didn't use winzip, because these savegames are smaller with winrar.
After installing the program, do the following:
  • Right click on the file you want to unzip (e.g. venice.rar).
  • extract files
    • Choose extract here to unzip the saves into the main folder
    • choose extract to venice to create a folder named "coldwar1" which includes your savegame files.
  • Copy these savegames (savegame.0 savegame.1 ...) into your game folder (e.g. Golden Mask, Tomb Raider II...).