Wednesday, 27. January 2021    

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Hello lost Raider,

If you are viewing this site, I assume you need help with anything, have a question, feedback or simply want to submit your art, fanfiction or lookalike images.

First of all you should understand one thing, when it comes to emails there is only one person answering them for this site - tombraidergirl, and as you might imagine she is a very busy person, leading a personal life, next to all the work she is doing for, so you cannot expect her to answer everything.


If you just have a simple question, that you cannot find answered on this page (in the game faqs, walkthroughs ...), you might want to consider asking it in the Forum. This also goes for gameplay problems.

If it is a question concerning the release date of the next game, remember, this is an unofficial site, we really don't know, and if we do, you can find the date in the news section and on the game's page.


If you'd like to drop in any feedback, you can either do so in our forum, in the Sub-Forum: for questions and feedback concerning the site or send an email at feedback *AT*

Submission of Fan Fictions

Fan Fictions have to be uploaded by you. Register to the website, then go to your profile and confirm the rules for Fan Fictions. You will then be able to post stories and chapters on the internal community pages.