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I love to get comments on the site, so if you have any, send them in. ;-)

Here is an excerpt of the mails I got:
hi i really enjoy your site it's been very helpful to me
(Donald, August 2002)

Jana, You have a very nice site.
(Michael, Oktober 2002)

Hi, I love your walk thru.
(Kia, Oktober 2002)

Hello. Just saw your website and I think its cool. I too am a BIG fan of Tomb Raider.
(Rina, Oktober 2002)

You have created so good tomb raider sites that thanks are in oder. [...] Thank you for good Lara Croft sites!
(Marjo, November 2002)

hi I'm zoe and I wanted to say I really love your homepage and hope to see more pictures of Lara ...
(Zoe, Dezember 2002)

I visit your site all day of the week, I know that is the best tombraider site in the net.
(Yari, Januar 2003)

I just wanted to say that your pages are great!
(Heli, Mai 2003)