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About this Site

How it all began

In 1997 the webmistress of this site stumbled across the PlayStation Version of Tomb Raider II and was fascinated by the images on the back-cover. Two weeks later she bought a copy of Tomb Raider I as well.

In 1999 she discovered the possibility to create an own website and two years later Tomb Raider had taken over all of the topics on that private little site and was born on July 10th 2001.

Today has over 800 single pages, not counting all dynamic pages (like the fanfiction).

The Language Issue

As the webmistress was born and currently lives in Germany, it should have been natural to create the website in German, however having purchased Tomb Raider 1 and 2 in England, when living there for a year she decided to create an English version as well.

The Forum

The tombraidergirl forum was created on February 18th 2002. Is was originally intended as a support forum for gaming problems only, but quickly developed to a communication platform.

Other Domains

Since June 11th 2002 hosted the German version of On December 10th 2002 joined the tombraidergirl family and hosted the image galleries. Almost two years after the forum was created, on December 23rd 2003, it moved to a different server (from our private little AMD K6 with 500 MHZ to a SharedServer from and got it's own domain: The main domain has actually no real function and is just a links page for the whole tombraidergirl network.

Looking Back

The design development of the site from 2001 till now:

Timeline Overview:

  • July 10th 2001 (
  • February 18th 2002 (Forum)
  • June 11th 2002 (
  • December 10th 2002 (
  • December 23rd 2003 (