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The Lost Cult

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The Lost Cult

Author: E.E. Knight
Pages: Paperback, 320 pages
Imprint: Del Rey
Release Date: August 2004
Price: $6.99
ISBN: 0-345-46172-X

"The Lost Cult" is the second Tomb Raider Novel, written by E.E. Knight.

From the Cover


While on a mission for the CIA to recover stolen Iraqi artifacts, Lara Croft narrowly escapes death-only to be thrown into her next action-packed adventure.

After destroying years of his research on the ancient Méne cult, archaeologist Professor Frya is murdered by an unknown assassin. Lara Croft knows her colleague must have stumbled upon a dangerous secret-and someone took his life to ensure it would remain in the shadows. So Lara jets to the mysterious cloud forests of eastern Peru, home of the Méne ruins, and makes a shocking discovery: A group is attempting to revive the sinister cult and its mind-controlling ways. One of the followers is Lara's former friend and failed protégé, Tomb Raider Ajay-and she is determined to see Lara silenced... permanently. But Lara, never one to run from a challenge, has other plans.

Author's Biography

E. E. Knight grew up in Minnesota but now lives in Oak Park, Illinois. He tried journalism, photography, retail jobs, and software development before discovering he could get paid to make up stories and put them down on paper. He is the author of the Vampire Earth series, beginning with the novel Way of the Wolf. His pastimes include reading, movies, history, and gaming. When he can afford it, he indulges an abiding interest in travel. He dedicates his love as well as his books to his belly-dancing wife, Stephanie, and enjoys the companionship of assorted cats, dogs, and an occasional horse.
Author's Webpage:

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