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Gameboy -> The Nightmare Stone

Royal Tombs B

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Climb down to the left.

Orange Trapdoor (optional)

Above the orange trapdoor is a switch. Shoot it to open the trapdoor. Climb down the ladder. On the right is a skeleton you have to kill. Climb further down. Kill the scorpion and pick up the small medipak. Then shoot the scorpion on the next ledge and climb up. There you will find rapid bullets and heavy bullets. Climb back to the left and up the ladder.

Slide and Switch

Run further to the left. Run past the darts and slide down.

Roll into the well-hidden passage on the right. Inside you will find a small medipack, rapid ammo and dynamite.

Run past the next darts coming out of the floor. (You can also jump from the slide onto the ceiling and monkey climb to the left.) Climb up at the end. Pick up the small medipak and save at the crystal. Then climb up the ladder overhead. Shoot the skeleton in the right passage from the ladder. Then backflip into the passage. Use the orange switch, to open a blue door higher up. Running jump back onto the ladder and climb further up.

Orange Switch

Backflip into the next passage. Drop down and kill the scorpion. Run further to the right and kill the next scorpion. Climb up onto the next level and kill another scorpion. Climb further up and run past the double dart trap. Collect the small medipak in the corner and use the orange switch. Then run back to the left till you come back to the ladder. Jump onto it and now climb to the top.

Dynamite Door

Climb up the next ladder on the left. Careful there are darts coming from the right. Backflip onto it when the spikes are retracted. Run quickly to the right and climb up. Collect the large medipak. Run to the right and roll through the gap. Save at the crystal. Then use dynamite on the next door. Kill the scorpion in the chamber behind. Climb up. Then climb up the ladder. Leave the ladder with a backflip to the left. Kill the bat. Then collect the heavy bullets and the small medipack.


Climb further up to the left. Kill the bat and slide down the next slope. Kill the skeleton. Run further to the left and step through the doorway. Run further to the left. Run past the orange trapdoor. Climb up the next ladder. Kill the skeleton. Then make sure you have shot at the switch on the ceiling. The lever has to point right. Climb back down and collect the dynamite underneath the arch.

Orange Trapdoor (optional)

Run to the right where you went past the trapdoor. It's now open. Climb down to the right and further down the ladder. Shoot the skeleton in the right passage from the ladder. Then backflip onto the platform. On the left, below you is a spike trap. Look down to the right and shoot the scorpion behind the pile of bones. Drop down and run further to the right. Collect the small medipack and a heavy bullet. Then kill the scorpion and collect another medipack and heavy bullet. Run back to the left and climb up twice. Jump back onto the ladder and climb back up. Again, run over to the left.

Three Orange Trapdoors

Run to the left end and drop down. Run to the left and save at the crystal. Do not shoot the switch. It will only open three orange trapdoors with spikes underneath. Run to the left end. There use a dynamite to open the door. Then go back to the right to get another dynamite on the second level again. Step through the door and run to the left. Drop down at the end and run past the next orange door. Climb up and down again. Climb down the ladder. Kill the bat and climb down the next ladder. Shoot the scorpion. Roll to the left and climb down. Collect the small medipack. Look down and kill the mummy, then climb down. Climb further down and kill the two bats.

Extendable Ledges

Climb up to the right. In the depression is a dart trap. Continue quickly to the right. Climb further to the right and down on the other side. Save at the crystal. Shoot at the lever to extend the ledges. Jump onto the first one, drop down onto the second and the third. Then jump to the platform on the right. Drop down onto the next ledge. Lower yourself onto the platform on the right. Drop further down to the left, and again to the left.

Goodies (optional)

Climb up onto the block and onto the ledge above it. Take a running jump onto the platform with the spikes. With a bit of luck you land behind the spikes. Open the door with dynamite. Step through. Kill the mummy on the next level and climb up. At the end jump up to the ceiling and climb to the left. Drop onto the platform at the end. Collect two rapid bullets, dynamite and the large medipack. Climb back to the other side and back down to the right. Walk through the spikes and jump back onto the previous platform. Climb down onto the platform underneath the block again.

Climb further down to the right. Then down to the left again. Jump onto the next platform on the left. Wait for the spikes to be retracted, then drop to the ground and run quickly to the left. Drop further down to the left. Kill the two skeletons. Climb up. Drop down.

Take a running jump into the hidden passage on the left. Run to the end and collect the large medipack. Run back to the right and running jump back to the other side.

Climb down the ladder and past the darts. Run to the right. Climb up and down on the other side. Shoot the scorpion. Climb up and down again. Roll to the right. Climb up the ladder to the left. Step through the door. Turn right. Jump onto the first block.
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