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The Cradle of Life

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The Cradle of Life is the second movie where we see Angelina Jolie as archaeologist and adventurer Lara Croft. As it seems there is also a third movie planned. The first one split the fans in two. Some thought the movie was boring and the story wasn't very good, also some didn't like Angelina as Lara. Others were just glad that Lara finally made it to the big screen. I guess it will be similar with the second movie.

The official Site has a new face. The site has been changed to promote the new movie.

The film has come to the cinemas on the July 25th 2003 in the US.
You have seen the movie and want to share your comments with us? send me an email

Teaser & Trailer

On you can see the first movie trailers and teasers. What has so far been advertised as trailer is now called teaser (and I have actually seen this in the cinema already). There is also a new trailer which is similar to the teaser but shows us a bit more. This looks all very promising. (But what are they doing with the cave troll?)


These are the songs that will be on the official soundtrack:
Davey Brothers "Heart Go Faster"
Filter "The Only Way"
Alexandra Slate "Bad Girl"
P.O.D. "Satellite"
The Dandy Warhols "The Last High"
Saliva "Time"
Lunatic Calm "Leave You Far Behind"
Moby "Jam For The Ladies"
The Crystal Method "Starting Over"
Sloth "You Can't Look Away"
Nadirah "Nadz" Seid "I Hate This"
Kasabian "Reason Is Treason"
3rd Strike "Into Hell Again"
Conjure One feat. Sinead O'Connor "Tears From The Moon"
David A. Stewart "Flight To Freedom"
Alan Silvestri "Pandora's Box"

More on the official Site

On you can find the first information about the movie, you can also download Wallpapers and Buddy icons.


The locations where the film was/is shot are Greece, Kenya, Tanzania, Hong Kong and of course England - Laras home.


Angelina If you want to know more about the actors that will accompany Angelina Jolie in Cradle of Life you should have a look at the Cast List. You can find more in the Internet Movie Data Base. I have listed a few of the more famous actors and which other movies they have played in. (As i visit the Sneak Preview every week, I have seen a lot of the movies - Reign of Fire; The Four Feathers - and others are just famous - Gladiator, Stargate.) So if you are a movie fan you might recognize a few faces.


As part of the movie promotion a truck will tour the US. The Dates are: Pittsburgh (June 5 - 7); Hartford (June 14-15 ); Washington (June 21-22); Virginia (June 26-28); Detroit (July 2-6); Dallas (July 18-20); New Jersey (July 26-27); Chicago (July 30-August 4); Los Angeles & San Francisco.
read more on the official site