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Tomb Raider The Movie

The Full Story:

Training with Simon

We can see Lara hanging from a rope, upside down. She is in what looks like a temple. On a pedestal lies an artefact. Lara drops down and approaches it. Suddenly she is attacked by a robot. She has to fight for her life. After Lara has finished the robot she tries to grab the artefact. But the robot is back again. Lara orders him to stop and she reprograms him to play her music disc. By now it's obvious that it's only a training session. Lara then drags the robot out of the training room.

Bryce, Lara's friend and computer specialist, is not very happy about what Lara has done to his robot Simon and that she used real Ammo on it. But she defends herself asking if he was programmed to stop before taking her head off. After this hard training Lara is going for a shower.

Illuminati & Planetary Alignment

In the next scene we'll find out something about the Illuminati, the baddies of our story. They are at a meeting in Venice. They talk about a planetary alignment, and some artefact they need to find. Powell promised to get the artefact within a week.

We change back to Lara, she is sitting behind her desk. She seems very sad, because it's May the 15th, the day her father had disappeared. She visits his memorial stone.

In the next scene she is looking up to the stars, to see how far the planetary alignment is.

Then we see Lara in bed. She is having strange dreams, about her father. She wakes with a knife in her hand, ready to take on anything. She's hearing strange noises like a clock ticking. She follows it and finds a secret chamber with a clock.

The Clock

She wakes Bryce at 5 am to help her figure out the clock. They probe the inside and then decide to take it apart. While Bryce is being very careful, removing every screw one by one and placing them in a certain order on the table. Lara decides that all this is only to hide the true nature of the clock. She opens it in her own certain way and finds an artefact hidden inside - the all-seeing eye, a combination of door key and another clock which has a more mystique nature.

On the next day, Lara takes her motorbike for a ride. She's going to an auction, to see an old friend of her father, Wilson. There she also meets Alex West, a fellow tomb raider. She shows Wilson the piece. He is fascinated but cannot help her. But later on he calls her, to tell her about a man called Powell who might know something about the artefact. He tells her where to find Powell.

Manfred Powell & Nightly Visitors

She is going to visit Powell, who claims to be a lawyer. Lara has brought him pictures of the clock, not the actual clock itself. Powell tries to flirt with Lara. He also tells her that he's met her father in Venice. Back home she talks with Bryce about Powell. She tells him that Powell is a liar.

In the evening Lara is doing some bungee ballet for relaxation in her main hall. Bryce is sitting in his trailer listening to music. Meanwhile the baddies prepare to enter the house. They lock Bryce in his trailer. Lara has to break her bungee session and has to fight the baddies. Bryce gets the alert from his computer, but cannot leave the trailer. So he tries to reactivate Simon, the robot, but fails. By now Hilary, the butler, is wearing a bullet proof jacket and gets a shotgun out. Now Lara gets into the garage. There she is surprised by some more badguys. But here Bryce contact her via radio. He helps her to get rid of some of the baddies, as he can see them on his monitor. Lara then takes the bike and gets rid of some more. Meanwhile the other baddies can get the clock and disappear.

Letter from the Father & Cambodia

On the next day Lara gets a letter from her father. He has written it years ago and had it delivered on this exact day. It contains a poem which leads Lara into the library to a book of William Blake. Hidden behind the back cover she finds a letter. Her father tells her about the triangle that controls time. It has been split into two parts and hidden in different places around the globe. He tells her that she must find and destroy it. He also tells her how to find the first piece of the triangle. By finding the place where jasmine grows she can find the entrance to the tomb of the dancing lights.

Lara now travels to Cambodia. She is dropped of with her Jeep by a military plane. Lara finds the site of the temple but she learns that Powell and his gang are already there. They are trying to open the main entrance. Lara continues to a quieter spot to find the jasmine.

Tomb of the Dancing Light

Lara is running around between the ruins. A little girl appears and shows her the way to the place where jasmine grows. The ground opens up and Lara drops down into the tomb. The next moment Powell and his men arrive. Lara hides from them. Both parties examine the tomb to find the place where the key has to be used at the exact moment of the next alignment stage which is getting closer. The Powell party places six swords into the slots on the middle pedestal and they think they have found the place where they have to put the eye. But meanwhile Lara finds the real spot. She tells them that they are wrong.

Placing the Eye

Lara persuades them to give her the eye so she can place it in the correct spot. They finally agree. A log is released and starts swinging across the room. It's supposed to pierce an urn but it looses momentum. Lara jumps onto the log to speed it up. The urn explodes and the first piece of the triangle is released. Lara grabs it and flees. Meanwhile the stone statues in the tomb come to life. Lara and Powell's men defend themselves. Meanwhile Alex West can get the all seeing eye for Powell. The giant sheevah comes to life but Lara can finish it. She flees out of the tomb and can get away with the first half of the triangle.


After her phone got wet Lara asks a monk for a phone. She calls Powell. He tells her to meet him in Venice. Then Lara calls Bryce and tells him to come to Venice. Then she visits the monastery to heal her wounds.

In Venice Lara meets with Powell. He tries to tempt Lara by telling her she can see her father again with the triangles magical powers, so she gives him the piece. Lara is sceptical and has the feeling that Powell pretends to have more power over the Illuminati than he really has.

Temporary Alliance

In the next scene we can see Alex in the shower. Lara sneaks in and writes the word "traitor" on the bathroom mirror. Then she and Alex have a conversation.

At the airport Powell talks to Pimms, when Lara arrives and gives him the piece. She and Bryce join the Illuminati and Alex West on their tour to Siberia. Also the boss of the Illuminati has arrived. He is not happy to take Lara along. In Siberia they have a boat and hire some dogs with sleighs, because the helicopter cannot make the journey into the dead zone. After a couple of miles with the boats they have to continue with the sleighs towards the meteorite crater.

Planetary Alignment Model

They arrive at a cave where they find a structure with globes. It's like a giant planetary alignment model. The boss of the Illuminati orders his guys to find the missing piece. When the last stage of the alignment begins, the model starts to move. Lara can find the missing piece of the triangle within the model. Powell than orders his men to kill the Illuminati boss. He fits the pieces together, but nothing would happen. Then Powell kills Alex West, by throwing a knife at him, so that Lara will help him with this riddle.

Final Showdown

She throws the eye into one of the time distortions to open it. Then she gets the necessary part that has to go in the middle of the triangle. Lara can then get the triangle before Powell and she meets her father. He convinces her that she has to let go of him and has to destroy the triangle. Lara goes back in time to the exact moment where Powell throws the knife. She turns it around, then she destroys the triangle and Powell is hit by his own knife. Lara and the rest of the group try to get out of the cave but Powell reveals to her that he has killed her father. He has a pocket watch that belonged to Lara's father. She takes it back in hand to hand combat. Then the cave collapses and Lara flees with the last remaining sleigh.

Back Home

Hillary serves tea, but he drops the plate when he sees Lara coming down the stairs in a white dress and a hat. She goes out into the garden to the memorial stone of her father. When she comes back in Bryce and Hillary are waiting. Bryce takes a photo of Lara. From the right Simon enters the hall. Hillary reveals the guns on his silver plate. Lara grabs them and gets ready to fight Simon.