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Tomb Raider The Movie

Jan and I have seen the movie together and we've discussed it a lot. That's why our reviews are similar.

Remark: We have used the German system. 1 is best, 6 is worst.

My Review:

I should mention that I changed my mind about the movie several times.

At the beginning I wasn't very happy that Angelina Jolie was chosen. I would have preferred other actresses. So I went into this movie thinking Angelina is the wrong choice. And then like I suspected, Lara had black hair, not the brown with a bit of red I am used to. It would have been no problem to change that detail.

Never mind. As I am here I might as well watch the movie. I have to admit Angelina did very well in the fighting scenes. Maybe not such a bad choice at all.

To the story. The movie starts with a training session in Lara's Mansion. Nice intro like in the first three games.

The first drawback came when the boys behind us, apparently all in the middle of the puberty, started to applaud during the scene under the shower. Very embarrassing, but never mind. So we had to ignore Lara's changing breast size and the boys comments.

Alas Laras Butler wasn't the guy I knew from the games, like you could easily guess from his age. Again something negative. On the other hand Bryce the computer freak and a fried of Lara, was a very promising and fitting character. There were some other things which didn't comply with Lara's background from the games like her fathers name, which was Lord Henshingly Croft in the game and Lord Richard Croft in the movie.

But nevertheless the beginning of the story was promising. First Lara finds a mysterious clock with unknown history and then we are in the middle of the adventure already. An attack upon her home, and then some tomb raiding for one of two artifacts in Cambodia. The fight against some statues which come alive was very much like in the games.

From here on it starts to get worse. In the middle another shower scene. This time it's Alex West, Lara's male adversary. If the boys behind us would have known that they would have stayed quiet. But so we had some fun.
A little comment: Alex West reminded me of Chase Carver from the Comic Series.

But back to the story. It seemed to me like they had to quickly finish the movie now. Lara's artifact got taken away by the baddies and no, she didn't take it back, like she would have done in the game. She agrees to let the badguys take it and to come with them. That made me not want to see the end. Well the final showdown was a bit strange with jumps through time and space. Somehow not what I whished for.

Overall: A movie which started very good, but lost it all at the end. Angelina couldn't do anything against it. Even though I'm now convinced that she was indeed the right choice. Mark 3 for the movie. Mark 1- for Angelina.

Actors: 2
Special Effects: 2
Story: 4
Overall: 3

Jan's Review:

The movie was horrible.

Maybe not really horrible. Ok, it had it's moments. If I think about it ...

But seriously:

Angelina was not the best choice for Lara, anyway she had the wrong hair colour (I always thought women have no problem with dyed hair?) especially the changing of her breast size over the scenes was remarkably. On the other hand she did a really good job taking the plot holes into account. And it was definitely not always that easy being compared to a (perfect) computer generated character.

Although technically on a high level the movie wasn't one of my last year's favourites, reason for that being the story. Unnecessary flashbacks into Laras past and memories of her father, that didn't fit into the story as we know it from the games booklets, confirm my impression of a hurried junk-food-production. And that's something Lara (and Angelina) do not deserve.

Everything began very promising: A mysterious clock, a secret society of badguys, a mean nemesis, someone you really like to hate (always important for a movie like that), and even a bit of tomb raiding in some dark caves somewhere in the jungle... Why didn't the authors stick with that? No, they had to let Lara work together with the badguys. No trace of tomb raider feeling there!

All in all: A technically (almost) perfect movie, but unfortunately nothing more. Even good actors couldn't give the movie the same fun potential as the games had.

Nevertheless, maybe I'll go and see the movie again and maybe I'll change my mind, but for now I'll rate it: 3-.

Actors: 2-
Special Effects: 2
Story: 4-
Overall: 3-