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Tomb Raider The Movie

Angelina Jolie (Picture) The very talented young actress Angelina Jolie plays Lara Croft in the first of three planned movies. Jolie got an Oscar as "Supporting Actress" for her role as Lisa in "Girl Interrupted". In my opinion she doesn't really look like Lara but then again it's very difficult to look like a computer game character. However she does a great job in this first movie.more_on_imdb

Jon Voigt Angelina Jolie's real life father, Jon Voigt plays the part of Lord Croft. He will only be seen in flashbacks. He and his daughter are together in only one scene. One I found extremely irritating since it shows a side of Lara that doesn't really suit her. The other times he is interacting with a young Lara Croft and with the Illuminati. more_on_imdb

Daniel Craig British actor Daniel Craig plays Alex West, another Tomb Raider who met Lara before. Alex West works for Manfred Powell, Illuminati baddy. He was born in 1968. more_on_imdb

Iain Glen The Scottish Actor Iain Glen plays the roll of Manfred Powell, arch villain of our story. He has hired Alex West to retrieve the artefacts for him and he has something in store for the Illuminati boss. more_on_imdb

Noah Taylor Noah Taylor, another British Actor takes on the roll of Bryce, a computer specialist and friend of Lara. He lives in his trailer parked by the Croft Mansion. He will return for his roll as Bryce in "The Cradle of Life" more_on_imdb

Richard Johnson Richard Johnson plays the Illuminati Boss. He orders Powell to get the artefacts in time for the planetary alignment, but Powell has his own plans.

Chris Barrie Chris Barrie takes on the roll of Lara's butler Hillary another figure that will return in "Cradle of Life". Chris Barrie became famous for his roll as Arnold J. Rimmer in the BBC Series Red Dwarf. The picture on the right shows him as Rimmer.

more will follow soon.